[SOLVED] Does crow speak to TXo?

I have been digging in to Max a little and wanted to try using the TXo as a 4 voice synth alongside my JF. I have realized when looking at the ii.help() in druid that TXo isn’t listed as one of the potential i2c modules for crow communication!

Now, am I missing something here? It seems that TXo communication could be useful both with a norns and with Max or Ableton. Just having that many more trigs, CV’s and even oscillators could be of great value. Especially with the ASL structure of druid.

Any thoughts on:
a) if the support is there and I’m missing it?
b) if it will be added as part of a future update to crow?


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Yes, it is supported in the current development builds. Note when using ii.txo.help() that there is a bug which causes large buffers like this not to get sent back to druid or get truncated, you can run print() after ii.txo.help() to flush the USB buffer manually. For a command reference you can also look at the Lua file defining the commands.

This is not currently possible though, ASLs are associated to specific crow outputs.

Awesome. Guess I’ll install that today and try it out!