I’ve just installed a bunch of apps from maiden which worked perfectly fine on first launch however after I put it to sleep and restarted I am greeted with the message error: DUPLICATE ENGINES and none of my apps (new and old) will load. I assume I’ve accidently downloaded something twice but I can’t seem to find where abouts it is.

Nevermind, fixed it :slight_smile:

awesome! lmk if it was something weirder!

also, mind if we close this topic out since it got resolved?

Yeah no worries! All I had to do was delete my duplicate applications which I installed outside of maiden.

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I have just plugged my shield in and got the “duplicate engines” error. Yesterday I installed a few scripts that appealed to me…but if maiden is telling me what is installed and what isn’t, then how is it possible to duplicate? I obviously only clicked on scripts that had “install” next to them. Now I don’t know which scripts I have “duplicated”! How do I find out?

sorry to hear about the trouble! maiden should report on which engine is duplicated and where, inside of the REPL window, eg.

/home/we/dust/code/ack/lib/Engine_Ack.sc Engine_Ack.sc
/home/we/dust/code/we/lib/Engine_Ack.sc Engine_Ack.sc

(from help | monome/docs)

to track it down, which ones are listed when you attempt to load which script?


Thanks Dan. Let me just have a look at maiden now…

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Fairly new to Norns myself; this error and the method to resolve it is clearly outlined in the help docs. I’ve only had to do it once but from memory I seem to remember that “;restart” in maiden lists the duplicates?

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Thanks. Where is the restart button in maiden? can’t see it

you’ll want to type ;restart in the “matron” window (pictured above)


Hang on…now it says “supercollider fail” @dan_derks @rcf


ah dang! hmm. how did you resolve the Mx.Samples duplicate issue? you might just need to power norns down and reboot.

further troubleshooting from help | monome/docs

This indicates that something is wrong with SuperCollider, which could be due to various issues. First always just try rebooting via SYSTEM > SLEEP.

If you’re able to load maiden, there are two tabs in the main REPL area (above the >> prompt at the bottom of your screen). The first tab is for matron, the control program that runs scripts – the other is sc for SuperCollider. Click into the sc tab and type ;restart into the REPL. That should show you what is going on inside of SuperCollider.

Thanks dude. I have to go pick up my son now…will try in a bit…

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