(SOLVED) Getting new modules...in need of clocking suggestions

So a while ago i got into modular, bought some modules i gonna trade for other modules and also trading away my Analog Keys that just been acting as a very expensive clock/sync thingy since i got into modular.

So to my question:

Im in need of something thats not a module to sync my Analog Rytm and my modular…and i want it to work without a computer.
So any suggestions? :relaxed:

This what my rack will look like on tuesday, hopefully the final version…if there is something like the final version in the world of modular :smile:

My favorites are the Make Noise Tempi and the Alm Pamela’s Workout. Both have pros and cons, and they both are great. Lots of good demos online.

I’m currently relying on my Batumi+Poti as my clock, FWIW.

There are some non-module clocks, usually a little on the pricey side. Like these:


You could probably use a Korg SQ-1, or similarly an Arturia Beatstep. Or there’s the CV.OCD:

But, I only have a vague idea about how that works, not sure if generates clock signals on its own or needs MIDI clock in to pass.

I have a CVOCD. It’s very configurable. If you have an object spitting out MIDI clock, you can get 24ppqn or less - by default, I get 4/8/16ppqn out of three of the bottom right GATE outputs, just by plugging in a midi clock object. Means I can use my Novation Circuit as a master clock and sequencer.

So: if your Analog RYTM spits out Midi Clock, and you’re happy with it being a primary clock source, the CVOCD should work. The manual is online, it’s all opensource, and it’s working well for me.

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(whilst it’s open source, I bought one from Tindie because it’s a PIC controller I can’t program, and besides, nice to give a small maker some money).

I only just found this site… so hello!

I use a tip top trigger riot for virtually all my clocking needs. It has up to 8 channels, can mix different divisions in lots of fun ways, gate length, probability, divisions, high resolution (optional) clock in and out. I sync it with either my sq-1 or the beat step pro to get the clock in and out to the non modular world (got an connect midi 4 to that end).

It is big but I have yet to find an alternative that is as inspiring/useful.

they are no longer in production, but if you can find a used teenage engineering oplab they are awesome little communication hubs. mine has been through so many weird configurations.

related - i’ve been using the midi > cv conversion on my moog mother 32 to clock my skiff from my laptop, and love using it’s adjustable swing. it’s 60hp though, and I’d love to have a similarly laptop-syncable, adjustably swingable clocking solution in a much smaller footprint so I could use my sampling skiff on it’s own. i know there’s the upcoming bastl klik which could totally work, but it’d be really cool to have the thing run off midi/usb clock sync and have the swing on a knob.

Thanks for all the good suggestion and advice.
Now i actually manage to get a good solution involving some trading of grids, Ansible , Teletype and a Malekko mult…for a Koma Komplex Sequencer.
And that i will be able to clock via midi :relaxed:
So now i have to wait until the Koma komplex arrives to get everything in sync…and say good buy to the other stuff :cry: