[Solved] Gong

Hi all, I just deleted the gong script from my norns as I got an error when updating all, thinking that I could reinstall it after. I now see that it was an FM engine that auto installs with Norns. Is there a way to manually re-install it? Noob question.

here you go: dust/Engine_Gong.sc at master · monome/dust · GitHub

you should just be able to put it back in the file path. ~/dust/lib/sc/...

let me know if you need help getting the file into the right place

edit: sorry, this is wrong, one second.

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Thanks so much! Yes I’d appreciate that, how exactly do I add the file from github, and how to I get to that folder? Is it through the sftp? I don’t see the lib folder under dust (do I have to unhide it?) Thanks again.

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After poking around for a sec, it looks like Gong is pretty old and, according to the author @jah , obsolete. could you let me know what you’re using that requires it?

Ohhh - in that case perhaps I don’t need it. Not to worry!

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