[SOLVED] Need help with i2c (crow JF and ansible)

Hello friends!
I spent a day trying to figure out how to make JF crow and ansible work together.
I update everything, and tried to connect the modules in many different ways, but ansible doesnt work at all, while crow and JF works with few scripts ( but not Kria that is the one i need ) only if they are directly connected and ansible is taken out of the chain.
Is there anyone here that managed to make these 3 things works flawlessly?


Ps: i followed all the instructions to turn on the i2c on ansible ( pressing the mode button while grid connected and so on). Same for crow, I always turn on the crow on the script settings, but so far only few worked. Id be happy just with kria lol.

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What is happening with the grid when plugged into ansible? What is lit on the grid? What is lit on ansible?

Oh, and to be clear, you’re trying to run kria in the ansible itself and not on norns>crow>ansible?

Took me some time to wrap my head around the button combos for turning ii followers on and off too.

hey corey thanks for helping.
I tried both kria from ansible and norns+crow, with no results.

Grid works fine with ansible and its cvouts. to activate the i2c i press ansible mode, then i light th first pad of the vertical row, but nothing happens. I tried also to connect ansibe directly to JF ( but i foud out it needs power) so i tried
crow > ansible > jf
crow >jf >ansible
crow > ansible and jf


All good things. Do you have JF up to date? How about Ansible?

With ansible in kria, a short press on the mode/preset button (bottom right of the panel) should make your grid look something like the attached picture. Far left column is preset save slots. The circled grid button should be lit to turn on JF follower mode. (If ansible is not in the most recent update, this group of buttons may have less than the 4 and 2 grouping, but it’s still 6th column, third row)

JF should have its range switch I up for sound and the mode switch in transient or sustain.

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Hi Oora,

Firstly welcome to the modular world, big fan of your music and been following along on IG.

Now back to your question at hand…

Ansible, unlike Teletype does not have POWER over i2c, it requires a module in the chain to provide this along with a pair of pull-up resistors.

Crow has them, but they are quite weak, enough to drive JF though. And here, not all Norns scripts are designed to output ii, this is at the discretion of the script author, though in many cases this can be added with a few lines of code which may be why you find not all scripts are “connecting”.

You share your have upgraded all your modules, does this include Just Friends? I believe the latest Firmware does enable pull up resistors, but some of the earlier firmware did not.

Failing this you may need to incorporate a bus board of some kind to power up Ansible (this is power over i2c, NOT Eurorack power), there are various options available here, but I’d start by confirming you are running the latest JF firmware.

Edit: While typing this @coreyr has answered a lot of this already. One other thing to check is that you have the tracks enabled to play JF in the Ansible set-up Menu, in Cory’s photo above if you press the bottom button and then the JF button you enter a sub-menu, on the left hand side on the bottom row you’ll see 4 buttons, these are the Ansible channels, make sure they are all lit.

Hope that helps!

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yes that happens, except for the X thing. I set the JF as you told but seems nothing works.

IDo you have any recommendation on how to connect the i2c cables? i noticed that crow and jf only works if ansible is not connected in the chain…

Thanks Matt!

Yes i did all as Corey said. At this point i wonder if is a power issue as well.

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The only other thing I can suggest is to make sure your i2c cables are plugged in correctly.

You need to make sure that ground goes to ground etc, typically this is indicated by either a white line or GND on the i2c slots.

On some modules they face opposite way, JF Is opposite to Ansible for example, ground on Ansible faces the bottom of the module, JF the top.

Make sure you haven’t reversed the connections.

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OOOOOOH thaths maybe it, let me see!

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The X thing is just the glyph I punched in to remind myself which preset #1 is.

Ah yes, only one ii device can be the leader at a time, so if ansible is the JF leader ( col 6 row 3 is lit) it will be in charge.

As long as your ii cables are in the correct order (the pins are in the right order) it should not matter which of the three modules is first second and third in your chain. (@mattallison beat me to it@)

Oh, what are your JF panel settings looking like? They could be set so the attack is so long and slow that they are retriggering before they’re ever loud enough for you to hear any output.

Try something like intone fully counter clockwise and time somewhere around noon. Monitor the mix output.

Is jf responding to input from the front of the panel with ii disconnected?

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Oh man, it was just that, i had to reverse the cables… so silly i am :slight_smile:


My grandfather used to say “if all else fails, it’s the cable”. Ciao Federico, stoked to see what you do with these guys.