[solved] Norns audio through/bypass mode?

Apologies if this is the wrong place to put this, I’m new to lines!

I’m trying to figure out how best to incorporate Norns into my DAWless workflow. Currently, I’m most intrigued by looping scripts like Compass, Otis, and Segments. As such, I placed the norns at the end of my signal chain, after the mixer and immediately before input to a 4 track tape deck.

Problem is, for some compositions I want to hear the dry signal as well…is there any way to have norns operate as a straight audio through device (take input, send to output) without any effects? Or is this something I’d have to modify in certain patches myself? Happy to do the latter, as I have a background in software engineering; just wondering if there’s some part of the ecosystem I missed.

TL;DR: Is there a bypass or “audio through” mode on Norns?

yes! “monitor” level is passthru. you’ll need to turn off engine/softcut/reverb levels to have it function like a bypass, which should be easy using psets.


Holy heck thanks for the quick response! Makes sense. One slight follow up question, while I have you—can I control things like engine levels/monitor level using a usb midi controller (for example, the Novation Launch Control?)

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yep! using MAP you can midi-learn any parameter in the PARAMS menus, including those global ones :slight_smile:

more info on MAP here

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Wonderful! Thanks so much. Love this community! <3 Final question—where’s the place to share our work with Monome ecosystem tools?

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depends on which category it best fits.

  • if you get great results with a script you’d like to share, consider posting it in the script’s library thread or Latest tracks + videos (feel free to tag the member whose script/s you used!)
  • if you make an album, post a reflective writeup in releases
  • if you write a script you’d like to share with others, you can start a new thread for it in library

for future q’s, feel free to post in questions :slight_smile: