[Solved] norns doesnt record in tapes

Hey dears,

I have a norns shield here and i dont know why but it does not record audio.
I can select the record track and press start but it drops out of recording instantly

Does someone has an idea of how to fix it?



That’s a possible symptom of no storage left, what does it say right above the RECORD bar in the tape screen?

did you expand your filesystem as part of your setup?

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Hello and thanks for the welcome

I just expended the fielsystem now and restarted but it didnt really change anything.

what does it say right above the RECORD bar in the tape screen?

it says only Rec :slight_smile: and in the bottom right corner i see a -1:56:36

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Cool, that sounds right to me… how about this?

Once your norns has rebooted, press K2 on the SELECT / SYSTEM / SLEEP screen to toggle on some system statistics – the number next to disk will show how many megabytes are still available on your microSD card. 1000 megabytes = 1 gigabyte, so a 32 gigabyte microSD card should have approximately disk 27570M available storage.

(Did you fully restart with sleep, not just restart?)

amazing that was it, didnt know that restart is not like full restart :slight_smile: thank you @zbs!


Very glad to hear that!! happy to help

reflecting now, it’s kind of a confusing name :thinking: for your reference / any future travelers -

RESTART just restarts the norns “os” stuff, so supercollider, the UI, all that. It doesn’t restart the actual raspi

that means you can stay connected via SSH while it “restarts” and some other useful details. but if you’re messing with raspi/linux level stuff, you’re going to want a full reboot.


Hi guys,
Just wanted to bring this back up.
My shield isn’t recording in tape.
I can’t even click the rec option to enter the naming page.
My storage has been expanded and I have space for new recordings. K3 is working elsewhere in various scripts and functions normally.
I just can’t record internal audio annoyingly, which is a feature I really enjoy!

Any suggestions would be appreciated!