[solved] Norns Frozen HELP

Hey guys, slightly freaking out here. I was running Mangl and my Norns froze up. I have tried to reboot it with the K3, K2, K1 method but its not responding to that either. I tried connecting to maiden and to my mac, also wont allow me to.

Any tips?

then is it ok to use the white button on the bottom!

The light that is orange/white by the power?

the white button inset on the bottom of the case, in the left corner of a completely upside-down (screen and knobs toward the table) norns

Ive been here holding that light for minutes and minutes, I had my Norns attached to a pedalboard with velcro so that button was covered with said velcro. Im sorry for being a dumbass guys lol

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lol, all good! you got things going tho? hope you were able to get back into the groove :slight_smile:

Back up and running, and so is Mangl! No clue what happened.

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