[solved] Norns mixer osc addresses

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I can easily map the norns mixer page with a midi controller since the last update and it’s great!
But what are the osc addresses to build a mixer with ios lemur ?

I made lemur connexions with Norns (not an expert) since long time. But with the new update (200323) it doesn’t work properly… I know it’s going to change soon. This is what i use, it’s working but the mixer UI doesn’t move since the last update.

I have also lots of Lemur templates for scripts (MLR, Heaven, Benjolis), only OSC send to Norns. Would like to improve this because it’s really useful!

In this LUA file you will find the address I use. And the Lemur Template…
Hope it will help!

NornsMIXiPad.jzml (201.0 KB)
NornsOSCMIX.lua (944 Bytes)


It’s great. Thank you.
I took the lua code for the mixer, pasted it on the awake script, et voilà…


I’m new to norns (Fates) and I’m trying to make a touch osc template for mixer and parameters pages.

I’m not sure if it’s doable. I tried with differents adresses and ports but with no success.

This example in matron doesn’t work:

dest = {“”,10111}
osc.send(dest, “/set/param/compressor/ratio”, {2.0})

I have a response but nothing is changed.

Any idea?


hey hey!

in the PARAMETERS > MAP menus, the osc addresses for each parameter are printed. compressor ratio is comp_ratio.

you should be able to successfully change levels from maiden with:

dest = {"your-norns-IP", 10111}
osc.send(dest, "/param/comp_ratio", {2.0})

i’ll make sure to get this in the docs today, apologies for the trouble!
added an osc section to the docs! https://monome.org/docs/norns/play/#osc



Thanks a lot for your response and documentation.
It’s working very well!

Let’s go for TouchOsc template.

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So here is the TouchOSC template with 3 pages:

  • Levels
  • Reverb
  • Compressor

It’s for iPhone6 but it should work for iPad (I don’t know for Android).


Thank you!!! Working perfectly on android

Necro bumping here as this is the closest place for my question without starting a new thread.

What OSC value should be sent for a “trigger” param type?

Sepcifically - clock_reset

params:add_trigger("clock_reset", "reset")