[solved] norns: removing scripts

what is the best way to approach deleting scripts from norns?

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The maiden doc here tells you how to update and remove scripts: maiden - docs

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ah thank you friend!

sorry for necroposting, but I’m wondering what is the best practice for removing scripts from the Norns menu while keeping their engines, etc intact? I’ve had some trouble with some scripts depending on the We collection but I don’t have a use for those scripts in practice and I want to keep my script repository as streamlined as possible.

files under lib/ in the script directory will be ignored when script selection menu is populated, but they are still scanned for engines and can be accessed by other scripts using include().

so you can delete everything else under ~/dust/code/we and the entire directory will no longer appear in the menu.

or, like i just did to verify:

cd ~/dust/code/we
mkdir lib/unused
mv demo lib/unused
mv study lib/unused
mv test lib/unused

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