(SOLVED) Norns Shield : Generic Network Connected device

I have a recent problem connectin my Norns Shield to the Network OR to be more specific my Win 10 does not recognize the device DESPITE that I can connect to the Wifi correctly and install script Except that since my Router was update ( automatcally ) I could not see my Norns to transfer files, I have never connected so far the device through the Ethernet only wify but I’m puzzled about this now as I need to trasfers my loops.

It used to work just fine and I did all I could think of like deleteing the connection on my Norns, resetting, re-connecting, resetting the router several times, restarting PC ect… Nothing,

Checked the Network Discovery and it is ON as nothing changed by me in the Network System
In the Router I can see the Norns connected with IP assigned BUT when trying Browsing from the File Explorer I got this screen:

Any Ideas?


that’s weird. can you SSH to norns? How about accessing maiden in the browser?

edit: Sorted, in the advanced configuration of my router the Samba protocol was disabled to pass through it… Now I got it working again

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