(Solved) Norns shield input monitoring

Hi everyone, I’ve had my norns shield about a week now (its the new version from Mar 2021) and I’m really enjoying it so far. Made a bunch of happy accidents :slight_smile: that have been really gratifying.

However, I’ve run into bit of a puzzle I’m hoping someone can help me solve. I looked around here but I couldn’t find a similar issue. Apologies if this is a duplicate, I’m fairly new to the forum too.

When using apps, mlr, barcode, and probably others based on soft cut, I’m unable to hear my input. Only after recording does the recorded sample start playing back louder (normally, as expected) - or rather, I can actually hear it. So layering is a problem, because I can barely monitor anything once I have a single layer recorded in. But again, if I hit record, I can hear the new layer recorded. I’m basically “flying blind” - therefore, the happy accidents :slight_smile:

I’ve examined the levels and they look fine to me and are mostly what things default to at start up. I’ve also tried restarting a couple times, changed my 1/8th inch cables too. The device I’m trying to send audio from is my teop1.

One additional odd thing - if I pull out the 1/8th inch cable from the op1 just slightly, I’m able to hear the op1 clearly and so have sometimes had to have one hand holding that cable awkwardly to maintain contact while also hitting record. It’s hilariously frustrating :slight_smile:

I think I’m missing something here. Can someone help with some pointers? Thank you.

hi hi! hope all’s well :slight_smile:

just to confirm, mon is turned up? from the levels docs:

if it seems fine visually, could you try just giving it a wiggle and see if that kicks the monitoring on?

i don’t

just to confirm i understand the bolded text, does this mean you’re able to hear the op-1 through the norns input monitoring if you hold the cable? or is this just a description of additional trouble with recording?

happy to help with more info!

I just tried that but it didn’t affect anything. Do those levels look correct?

And yes that’s exactly right, if I hold the cable pushed in but not entirely (effectively making it TS?), I can monitor the op1 perfectly.

Thank you for helping with this!

yep, levels look good. thank you for confirming!

ah! gotcha. i wonder if this isn’t phase cancellation trouble – if you navigate to PARAMETERS > EDIT > LEVELS and scroll down, you’ll find monitor mode. does switching from STEREO to MONO make any difference?

Tried that now, but in MONO monitoring mode I don’t hear anything - not even if I pull the cable out.

Thanks so much for helping debug this. Let me try a different input device too to rule out the op1 and get back.

One net positive is that whatever I throw into barcode unheard sounds amazing so :slight_smile:


Are you using a stereo cable?

It’s a standard 1/8th inch trs cable going from the output of the op1 to the 1/8th inch input of the shield. I’ve tried it with two different cables but that made no difference. I use one of these cables to connect headphones to my laptop Ext input and it works fine.

Is there some other kind of cable that I could try?

No, the only difference between minijack cables is between mono (TS) and stereo (TRS), and three-connector (TRRS). If it works with your headphones it’s stereo. I have no idea then, sorry.

No problem, thank you for trying to help! I’m going to try another device as input and report back.

Happy to report that the problem is with some phase cancellation happening only with the op1 (I hear a very faint sound, so it wasn’t no sound at all). Atleast two other devices worked flawlessly and I could monitor while recording just fine. If anyone has suggestions on fixing the op-1 issue, please let me know. For now I’m a happy camper. Thanks all for your help! :slight_smile: