[SOLVED] norns shield – not able to access mods menu

i recently updated norns shield with the new disk image, and updated to 220321 no problem.
now i noticed i can’t access the sub-menu or activate any of the installed mods.

i can access the the list of installed mods (system → mods), but pressing k3 on any of them does absolutely nothing. no activity in maiden either.
i have four mods installed: mod_clock_div, oblique, passthrough and pset_seq.

anyone experiencing similar issues? any ideas of what might be wrong?
i’ve tried restarted but problem persists.

To turn on a mod you turn E2 until you see a little + and then you restart the norns.

When it has rebooted the mod menu will be accessible.

A cw move with E3 to activate a mod ?

@edrapley @nitefish thank you both! i had somehow forgotten about this, and set and forget it before re-flashing the norns. i assumed the little + was a bookmark, like in the select script menu.

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