[SOLVED] Norns Shield Output Gain Unusually High

I turned on my Norns shield today and for some reason the output gain on every single script is so unusually high I have no idea what’s going on. The compressor is not on, I have to have awake or boing at -6db and it still almost clips. No additional gain being provided from mixer or ableton. What the hell is going on haha

hi! hope all’s well otherwise :slight_smile:

can you please confirm the values listed under PARAMETERS > LEVELS?


output -9.58 dB
input 0.0 dB
monitor 0.24 dB
engine 0.0 dB
softcut 0.0 dB
tape 0.0 dB

also, is reverb on? if so, what are the levels listed there? eg.

input engine -6.79 dB
input softcut -9.0 dB
input monitor -inf dB
input tape -inf dB
return level 0.25 dB

also @tehn I am pretty sure I noticed all levels defaulting to maximum after a RESET (rather than to 0db)

[ed] not after RESET sorry. happened to me once immediately after updating a shield, pretty sure from old save state (created before we increased gain range of most mixpoints)

i’m on main and RESET does 0db across the board — these are the default vals which get overwritten on state resume

@elvale14 check your version, make sure you’re up to date. if you can’t figure out your levels, do SYSTEM > RESET

This has happened to me a few times in the past and would fix itself with a few resets typically. One day it was a serious issue and then started producing NO sound at all… I had to update my firmware, and no problems since then.

I hope this helps, if not, I hope you find a solution to this (clearly) aggravating issue! Best.

Hey all! So it appears that the culprit of the mystery gain was indeed my mixer. It is a Yamaha MG10XU and I have always ran the output of the mixer into my interface via 1/4in cables. In moving my studio do a different room in the house for the sake of more room my gear table is naturally farther away from my interface so I had to use xlr’s into my interface and that does indeed add 4db… enough to really make a Norns script sound distorted and unfamiliar lol. Apologies for the rookie mistake! I appreciate everyone’s time and effort to help!


Aaaah. Probably the XLR are calibrated for mic level and are no combi TRS/XLR inputs. I think (not sure!) Norns shield has balanced outputs. If your mixer has balanced ins you might run stereo TRS cables to have a balanced connection. Running unbalanced outs via TS into balanced ins will eventually reduce (sic!) your level by some dB (blabla flipped phase bla substraction of signal bla)

Nice one on solving it AND reporting back.