[solved] Sequencer to JF i2c

I’ve been using a norns in to a crow as one of my main sequencers and I’m moving over to a different, more controlled composition method, which will be using Renoise for now and a Polyend Tracker next month when it arrives.

As a result, I still want to use the JF as a 6 voice synth in i2c, but don’t want to use Ableton and the Command Center system that is so great there.

What I have are these tools:

teletype (w/ txo and txi)

Now, what I’m cooking right now is maybe using the Poly2 to send CV in to the IN port of the TT (not the txi due to its slightly floaty nature), and the gate being in to a trigger a scene that pols the IN and sends it as a JF trig…

But, are there other options? Are there Midi Passthroughs to i2c on the crow/norns system?

Maybe just something in Druid might be the choice too…

What would be some folks thoughts?

There’s Passthrough which does midi->midi, and could probably be extended to do midi->crow?

Yeah, that’s certainly an option. I could try and poach the JF code from some other script as a midi->crow transition?

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Got the Max Patch for crow working. Not sure why it didn’t work before, but just using the standard crow.maxhelp file to get’r done.



@kasselvanial Did you ever figure out a solution for this? I’m looking to do the same but only using Crow + JF. Any Druid solutions?

I haven’t used Druid all that much, just because I don’t know much about bringing midi IN to Druid and translating it (as opposed to a Max patch).

There’s some pretty simple implementation in the current Max example patches for Crow. Download the patches and open (I believe the) crow.maxhelp patch. First choose the crow on the opening patch window. Next, go to one of the sub patches in there is called i2c, as a tab at the top of the patcher. Then, you’ll be able to run JF in synth mode (with a button), choose your midi source by clicking the midi in box and it should work from there!

There’s some more M4L options coming; as well as a full refactoring of the code base. I’m hoping to try some early versions of it today (trying to get some pitch bend going), but my work on this is going to be slow due to a big move in 2 weeks.

If you have any specific questions, let me know! I can help guide you.