(SOLVED) Teletype: dfu-programmer: no device present (MacOS)

Today I tried to update to v 3.0 but I keep getting this error message:

dfu-programmer: no device present.

No idea why, I’ve been updating the module from the same computer in the past, and I did follow the instructions as usual. Power on the module with the button pressed, connect the USB cable, execute the update command.
Any idea on how to troubleshoot this?

try connecting the USB cable before powering on with button pushed.

Thanks! Done that already. Tried both before and after. Anything else that could be the problem?
I recently upgraded to Sierra, but not sure that could be a problem…

Oh I figured it out! Somehow I need to unplug the USB cable, then switch off the modular, then replug the cable in on both sides (modular and computer) and then switch on the module with the button pressed. Now it worked!


Thank you for reporting your fix! Worked on my end, too :hugs:

I have carefully followed those steps (and many others) and have still have the “dfu-programmer: no device present” message. I am using a USB-A to USB-C cable, which is different than what the instructions recommend, but I am working with a Mac laptop with only USB-C ports. Is it worth getting a USB-A to USB-A cable and try updating my Teletype through a hub? Anyone have any pointers? Thanks.

I did not have any luck using that kind of cable unfortunately. I needed to get a real usb a-a cable and then use an adapter, then it worked immediately. M1 Air

Thanks! I am going to give that a shot (after the cable arrives). I’ll report back.

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I recently had the exact same problem. If you have USB-C hubs to connect to your Macbook, it’s worth trying those in between, it worked for me and I didn’t need to buy I cable.