[solved] Teletype Scene Inputs Not Responding

I have hit an odd situation today/yesterday and I was curious if someone could help me out;

Basically, when sending trigs to the scene inputs of my TT… Nothing happens. I’ve tried gate, trigger and clock inputs and I’m not getting anything out of them… Anybody run in to this issue before?

Edit; so, I might have fixed or found the problem; it seems overheating may have caused the issue? I shut the case down for a few minutes and fired it back up, only to get everything back! So, I’ll keep an eye out for potential issues moving forward.

Sounds like you might have muted the triggers. If it happens again run this:

L 1 8: MUTE I 0

MUTE in teletype means “cut the connection between the trigger inputs and the execution of scripts”, the above restores the connection, or “unmutes” all scripts…

When rebooting the teletype powers on unmuted (unless you have MUTE in your I), which might explain why a reboot fixed the problem…

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CTRL + [SCRIPT #] mutes and unmutes scripts. I accidentally hit that combo sometimes while attempting ALT + [SCRIPT #] for switching focus to a script. Watch for little lit dots in the top-right indicating muted inputs.

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Yup! That was it. Thanks. Just learned about mutes I guess.

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Thanks for mentioning this. Somehow those shortcuts had missed my attention until now. Super useful.