[Solved] What does mean 100:1:1 ?

I have probably made a mistake in the shield’s menu.
Now i can’t have the usual values in the menu, i always see that : 100:1:1
Does someone knows this issue ?
Thanks !

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hi hi! this menu is in MIDI mapping mode – hold K1 and press K3 to flip between nav mode + mapping mode for a selected parameter :slight_smile:

as far as those numbers, they’re formatted as: CC:CHANNEL:DEVICE
so, for the softcut input parameter, it looks like you have CC 100 on channel 1 of MIDI device 1 mapped. you can unmap in this mode by pressing K3 on the parameter, which will open a new menu from which you can clear or edit the mapping.

from control + clock | monome/docs :


Thank you Dan !
:notes: you’re simply the best ! :notes: