Soma Cosmos

I’m enjoying the Soma Cosmos more than I ever thought I would. Is anyone else using one in creative ways? Anything similar on the norns?


Soma Laboratories Cosmos Drifting Memory Station

Given my love for delays, i’d love to get my hands on one, but it’s pretty pricey and i have way too much other stuff that i should be playing with already :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a half finished VCV patch that wasn’t far off, and i saw loopop had made one for the poly beebo.

Someone release a vst already!


I have mine being delivered today!

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Have had an order in with Perfect Circuit for a year, but still waiting. Honestly contemplating if I should cancel it in the interest of keeping things more minimal. Do I really need this thing?

The rave reviews here and elsewhere truly give me pause though. I told myself I would let August come and go before deciding one way or the other. So will be watching with interest.

hit up earwormllc - SOMA’s new US office - they do direct sales. PC is not good for preorders.


Hi there - would you mind sharing the link for loopop’s beebo/cosmos preset?

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I ordered from Thoman last week of June and got it in two weeks…

Soma’s US office is slammed with pre-orders. You’ll be waiting a long time.

yeah - good point on Thomann. I have ordered from to the US them a few times with success.

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The “fripp patch” chapter.

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Thanks!! (plus 20 characters)

I picked one of these up recently from a store called The Midium. They sometimes have stock when others don’t, so it’s worth checking their page.

I like this device a lot more than I thought I would. Maybe the most surprising thing is how well the DSP has been programmed. It switches between algorithms very cleanly and there are no pops or clicks that I’ve run into with with other loopers. The closest thing I’ve worked with would be some of the creative scripts on Norns, but this does it’s own thing in a focused way. It also encourages experimentation with different sound sources, as I’m curious how different things would end up processing. The only downside to it so far is that I think you have to center most of your performance around it and it doesn’t have any sync options, but that’s also kind of a strength as well. Anyways, I’m feeling inspired by it.

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I have one for 5 months (France)
very interesting.
for live it allows me to create quickly a non-repetitive base (but close) and to be able to improvise on it
it has become indispensable in my setup
in fact the principle is simple but well thought out and original
ideal for drones and ambient music


I strongly agree. I was on one of the first preorders. Yes, you can do a patch like this in another device but: it is very well designed and thought out and rewards learning. It tends towards washes of sound, but you can do glitchy or rhythmic things with it too.

@JES have you tried different firmware? Looking forward to giving them a shot.

Yes. I personally didn’t find the rhythmic firmware preferable but it is interesting.

Here’s something not ambient using the original firmware. Synth is Norand Mono.

I was able to grab one and even though it was pricey, it is built like a tank and feels like a real instrument in your hands. The UI and overall sound of the device just sounds “right” to my ears.

Once you have some audio looping, the dual asynchronous looping behavior really does push you into creating new performances alongside Cosmos. I also wanted to add that I was pleasantly surprised with the HP and LP filters. The way they gradually fade in and slowly degrade the loops is done so well.

Cosmos is my first Soma device and after my experience it is really making me want to experience more of their devices. Well done!


Nice! Sounded pretty ambient to me. Maybe more experimental?

Here’s a pretty random Cosmos track. Synth and mic are real-time from the OP1F.


Boy howdy, it’s been a long time since I was so immediately transfixed by an instrument. I am loving the hell out of Cosmos. Instant joy.


Just got mine as well, after a looong long wait. Initially I was pretty underwhelmed, if I’m being honest. I almost chimed in with a dissent.

Found myself wanting way more control of things, and everything was just sounding very samey.

But I think I’m starting to see the logic (or lack thereof). Makes me really need to play very minimally, and make use of the longer delay times to create some space between the notes.

Adding a couple of different textures into each loop seems to be getting me to some interesting places as well. Color me more optimistic now.

It puts you into a very meditative headspace, very quickly.