SOMA Dvina


This man is rapidly becoming one of the most intriguing instrument builders around.


i can confidently declare the pipe demonstration to be the most interesting thirty minutes i’ve experienced this week.

quite curious as to the price of the dvina—such elegant design and explosive timbre are an enticing combination.


Would love to see a it fed through the LYRA-8.


Well that was unexpected


Love to read more about the ‘no pickup’ electrics, specialist pre amp etc.


Emailed and heard the same as this, which was added to the page.

PRICE: It’s hard to say something concrete as we have no experience of production of wooden electro-acoustic instruments. I can expect the net price for the main part (DVINA + the step-up transformer) in span 200-500 Euros. The net price for the pre-amp/delay/distortion unit is around 300 Euros.


Thank you for bringing this instrument to my attention. There is the “whoah, so trippy” factor for sure, but even more so it just makes me happy to live in a world where such instruments are being created.

The attached via wing nut component of the Dvina is absolutely charming.


I cant even think how much practice one needs to play this


Yeah! Thanks so much for sharing this. My ardor for the Lyra-8 cooled fairly quickly, but Vlad’s clearly brimming with ideas, and I want to support that. This looks like a lot of fun (and work; I’ve spent enough time with bowed instruments to get a sense of how much practice is necessary just to play… shall we say “deliberately”).


Yeah indeed. I am curious about this part:

A key feature of DVINA and its sound is that there is no pickup inside. Instead, I take the electric signal DIRECTLY from the strings that vibrate in the strong magnetic field of a neodymium magnet, hidden in the neck.

So it’s kind of like a flipping of the normal guitar pickup where the vibrating string is the coil that normally goes around the magnetic pickup poles?

I wonder if it’s a much weaker signal than a “normal” guitar pickup in that it’s just the string producing the signal, vs hundreds of winds of a coil. But then again, it’s a neodymium magnet, which is a lot stronger.


and maybe strong magnets dampen strings too much so you add a bit of delay…

yes for me too this is the curious part (as you say)…it would be interesting if they sell their system and electrics separate to the instrument.


Yeah, or talked about it in more detail. Will see if/when he starts making them for sale.

But that’s probably what the delay is for too, as well as the custom pre-amp for boosting the (presumably weaker) signal.