Is anyone else on the waiting list for this? Any of us got on the list very early and think they’ll be getting one soon?

Looks/sounds AWESOME to me :smiley:

EDIT: It is out, but the first batch got sent out already to the waiting list, hence there still being a waiting list. Its pretty long apparently, but I got on it a few years ago I think, so hopefully my number will come up soon :slight_smile:


Looks and sounds like something from Arius Blaze, but probably better built and not astronomically priced.

I don’t know, does it cover territory I could do with other touch-oriented devices on market?


And don’t forget that, unlike something from Arius Blaze, it’s not built by an antivax nutjob.


If it doesnt come with a small vial of ants, I shall be disappointed :slight_smile:

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Sure looks like a great instrument. and SiSTOR is great. It makes sense.

Oh, no, I’d missed this aspect of his personality. That’s depressing to hear.

Yup. There was a time when I wanted some of his gear, and it’s unfortunate that that time has passed.


My number just came up! I got on the waiting list about TWO YEARS AGO when the prototype first went up on YouTube. I just got an email saying its my turn!

Purchasing in two weeks from today when I get paid next.

Wow. This is great news! Very exciting!

EDIT: Found some money, buying ENNER this week. Hopefully tomorrow.

EDIT2: ENNER bought, just need to wait on shipping now.

EDIT3: Shipped! :smiley:


Mine just got to the local post office :slight_smile:

I figure using it with these could be good for patching the rest of my kit :slight_smile:


Enner in the house. Kinda started wishing I’d got a red one but now its here, none of that seems to matter any more. Its much lighter than I expected when I first picked it up, which makes sense considering the electro acoustic aspect. It feels lovely to ‘play’. All the knobs being capacitive (if thats the right word, all the pots are patch points too), I’m wondering if I can use wire and clips to sync it to something else.

About to put a sample from the film Twlights Last Gleaming thru it, with drums and noise :slight_smile:

EDIT: Seems like Enner can be clocked.


Curious about the delay - product description is only described as ‘analog’ fully. Is the delay also analog, or is it a PT-2399 type, like in the Lyra-8?

Without opening it up, I’m not sure how I could answer your question tbh. Any ideas how I can tell?

Soma have been very good with answering my emails, maybe asking them might be the best option?

OK, as I had thought, per Thomas @ SOMA:

“The Enner delay is a PT-2399 based delay with SOMA mods. Very close to Lyra delay but stereo. Though it’s not 100% digital as all processing besides sound memory is analog”.

That is all.


Good info, nice one! :slight_smile:

Enner is my favourite instrument of all time now, btw :slight_smile: I love it. Its so easy to play and get something I like out of it.

I made a patching plate thing for stylophone-esque playing too :slight_smile: Video on my channel soon…

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If you’re on the fence about this wonderful new synth, I highly recommend checking out the lil mini demos EthanJamesMusic been putting of his Enner. I’m not associated with the channel, just wanted to pass on some good ass demos.


I received my Enner a few days ago, right on time before the holiday season. I’ve already played with it a lot, but I still need to figure out how to power it without getting ground hum too often. It seems a bit Ciat Lonbarde-ish, with its touch friendliness, dynamics and wide stereo sound. Not sure how long it will keep me interested, but so far I’m having fun.

Here’s a first, 30-minute long, eerie music release, featuring various multi-track recordings of just the Enner alone:

I think three or four people, each with their own Enner, could be a pretty cool dark ambient noise improv band.

Happy end of the year, everyone!


Awesome stuff. I love mine. I cant see the honeymoon period ending tbh :slight_smile:

Yeah, the grounding thing can be a bit tricky. I’ve found that if I touch certain parts of the plate, it gets rid of the hum, keeps it grounded.

Also, I made some patch point connectors (kinda), by using some Landscape AllFlesh connectors glued together side by side for maximum contact, and then plugged into a Befaco 1 into 6 squid patch cables. I can now play Enner like a Stylophone :slight_smile:

I’ll make a video showing them in action at some point :slight_smile:

EDIT: Little bit of blutac or tape keeps the AllFlesh in place on the Enner, leaving the other end’s jack free for touching to the mixer, etc


I’m gonna get in touch with MyVolts and see if any of their USB Ripcords will work with the Enner. That might help with the grounding/shielding/dirty power issue? Using a USB power bank.

I’m not sure how these things work so much so maybe I’m on the wrong path with this, but an isolated power source helps with the Shield, so…?

EDIT: This could be perfect for Enner!

Was just idly looking at Harley Benton stuff (I wish their Rickenbacker bass copy was in stereo/had the rickosound thing) and came across this…

Thats a lotta power and volts! Good for on the move Norns? Certainly good for gear ya might wanna pair with Norns. And 12 volts of clean power for Enner.

EDIT 2: Reply from Soma : “We cannot guarantee power supplies other than what we provide to work correctly. Although the enner is fairly well protected, we cannot officially confirm other manufacturers products with ours in this case. It will likely work but if something happens, and as you may understand warranty could be voided.”

That essentially says its likely to work.

EDIT 3: Just remembered I have this - Strom Mobile – Portable Power Solution - KOMA Elektronik and that it can kick out 12v power from a USB power bank. This might help me get clean ground issue free sound out of Enner? Certainly means I can use it on the move and dont need another powerbank.

Checking in on this; did you ever find a solution?

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