SOMA Labs ETHER (EMF 'anti-radio' receiver/drone/noise)


Was delighted to receive Soma’s ETHER ‘anti-radio’ in the mail from Moscow yesterday. Serial #25!

To be honest, between this and the newly announced Nanoloop hardware, I can’t be happier about battery-based devices. I don’t think ETHER will leave my pocket or bookpack, it’s just a wonderful wonderful device, both in physical design and reception quality.

I’m in Austin. With all the electronic activity happening in town for SXSW, opted to take it out for one hour of unedited audio last night downtown. This thing is an amazing device, somewhere between a theremin and a radio in that you play it and receive transmissions at the same time.

(Raw Audio, Downtown Austin TX, March 11, 10pm-11pm)


ETHER is not just an inductive sniffer like some projects you can easily find online.

Oh… that’s exactly what I thought it was until I started listening to this. Cool stuff. :slight_smile:


This sounds amazing! What kind of neighbourhood did you walk through? Any idea what the signals were?


@lijnenspel — Thank you! I was happy with my first attempt to play the thing like an instrument/receiver. It gets GREAT reception, too, so it was a lot of looping around a noise when I could find something. I was hunting specifically for noises so I sought out electronic locations. This was downtown Austin; best sounds were initially in basements of buildings I could access, or stairwells, as the building seems to radiate as a large collector for EMF. But I committed to the walk, too, so it was mostly outside on street and alleyways. Brightest and most aggressive sounds were on 6th street (our drinking district) where there was a lot of plugged in noises from SXSW. Fun sounds around police who were collected in a cluster. Big joy found in any wired-up keypad or electronic meter. The parking meter that prints out a receipt was singing what sounded like a vocoding Bing Crosby, too.