SOMA Labs Lyra 8

Yeah. That’s the rascal.

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Which case do/did you have for the Lyra?

Something I found on the street during hard rubbish collection. It looks like some kind of game console case; in fact, it had a logo for either a video game shop or equivalent on it that I removed. Probably not a very helpful response! :stuck_out_tongue: I’m obsessed with cases and bags for my gear, and tend to pick things up even if I don’t immediately have a use for them.


I’ve had a Lyra-8 for a couple of months and been exploring its different possibilities.

It isn’t quite what I expected, in that it lends itself naturally to big, atmospheric soundscapes (as opposed to sweet ambient sounds), and I have found myself sitting for periods of 30 minutes at a time just… listening, tweaking, and enjoying. Something I never ever do with any other synth.

One feature I haven’t seen a whole lot of attention on though is the GATE HOLD input, which lets you create rhythmical patterns, and gives a bit more control over the output. I put together a video on it which some folks might find interesting/useful:


Wasn’t quit sure where to share this video, since we’ve got threads for several different Soma instruments. But I suppose I’ll share it here since Lyra-8 is loudest in the mix.


So here is my way of playing the Lyra-8.


That was beautiful, great atmosphere and the small vocal samples fit perfectly.
I’m thinking about getting a Lyra since when I got the Ornament-8 and this video isn’t helping my GAS…


Ha, my thoughts also :slight_smile:

Just placed an order for a used Pepto Lyra so I figured I’d check in here to see how people are still getting on with their Organismic machines? I was missing my Enner while a friend is hanging onto it, and I feel like there’s enough differences to justify owning both, so I figured what the heck. I don’t plan on getting any other gear anytime soon (maybe a Cosmos if I can liquidate my remaining Modular gear :smiling_imp:) and given how much I enjoy the Enner it only seemed natural to give the Lyra a shot as well.

How are you using it? Pairing it with anything else? Favorite effects chains? I have some big ideas about recording samples into my OP-1 for tonal work, and then running it all into the Octatrack for looping and effects. I’m also particularly interested in hearing from anyone who’s used it live!

really enjoy the Lyra!
today I released a performance from December that contains much Lyra, but also lots of feedback and distortion with cassette loops and landscape stereo field among others. north pole south pole | Gabriel Nils Edvinsson
I think it has a cold sound which I like, but not always.


I love my Lyra more than ever. I think it pairs very well with a low pass filter, in my case a Vongon Paragraphs, and obviously with your reverb of choice.

The instrument simply does shit that nothing else does, and in doing so it opens up mental pathways and musical approaches that I’m not discovering elsewhere.