Some favorite films, in part








thank you, a very special movie that…



Yes it’s great – I especially enjoyed the ‘making of’ bonus feature where it shows how extremely disappointed they were after a screening of the partially completed film, and how they managed to turn it all around in to such an amazing movie. Crazy!

Another classic…





I was really enjoying this thread, but it’s taken a turn for the brutal! I’m a moderator here, but that power was only conferred to help with development discussion, not to “moderate” content, so this is just Chris the community participant talking here…

Given the inclusive and welcoming place that lines is…I’d suggest removing a handful of these images, and think twice before posting anything violent. Violence is a thing that happens, its fair game for artistic comment, I’ve just never once thought twice about clicking on a thread here, until today…with this thread.

Everyone’s tolerance for certain kinds of content is different, as in all things - your mileage may vary.

EDIT: thanks for understanding folks, community is hard, but worth it. Thanks.


This is from Naked, right?

Made a huge impression on me first time(s) I watched it. David Thewlis on top of his game.


In a picture thread about film/art I would expect there will be some darker imagery represented.
A welcoming and inclusive space, does not have to mean a space with no sharp edges. :slight_smile:

Definitely no hard feelings Chris!

EDIT: there are no shortage of cool frames, so I have chosen a different one. :+1:





Yes, It’s a brutal movie!
It’s hard not to love Mike Leigh.
David Thewlis on Mike Leigh’s ‘Naked’



I removed the frame from Tarantino’s “Unglorious Bastards” where Hitler and Goebbels were killed,
I don’t want to hurt anyone.

But that scene will remains one of the nicest surprises that I got watching a movie.


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I love Andersson’s films!