Some favorite films, in part


a favorite short film, RIP :broken_heart:








Hard as nails. Still, it conveys a certain beauty, through the monochrome/grey-ish cinematography…

Haven’t read the book. Heard that it was written by the same authors who wrote the book that Stalker - the Tarkovsky film, was based on. Have you read it?


yeah, but they’re two very different things. used to like books by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky when i was 12-14 years old. tho as with many sci fi books the ideas were great but poorly written (to my taste at least).

love the fact that ‘hard to be a god’ was inspired by bruegel

i’m also surprised to see the screenshot from ‘kin-dza-dza!’ in your post btw.

anyway… coming back to the topic


Can I just say that this is one of the best threads ever? Oh, and also add this:

I almost feel like I’m cheating by using that movie. :slight_smile:


It’s been said before, can the titles of the films also be included :pray:




…from the same movie:


Berberian Sound Studio, i loved this movie and recommend every sound-interested person i meet to watch it (in 5.1). Strickland’s first (very different) movie is very good also.


deeply love F For Fake





Amazing soundtrack (Broadcast!) and sound design in this one. Big fan.