Something New - Cool Maritime


This is a piece I wrote while swimming through sadness and grief. It helped me emerge from the swirling, disorienting currents with a bit of hope.

May it bring even a small amount of warmth and peace to your day.

With love,

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Cool Maritime always brings me warmth and peace!


great as always…thanks for sharing something new and this beautiful view as now more then ever i need other music and my own to help looking forward.

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thanks @robotboot and @youngest_brother :slight_smile:

What a gorgeous atmosphere! Is part of that some sort of granularisation through some resonant filters?

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I listened three times because the nine-ish minutes only felt like one. Sorry to hear about your recent swim, but this definitely delivered some warmth and peace. :heart:

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@ganders thanks! no granular synthesis on this one… just tapping spastic notes into the keyboard while building up layers using norns running mlr.

@unicity time can be so liquid!


this really brightened my day :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ah, it makes me so happy to hear that!

This is a beautiful release. Your music has been a calming presence in my life since I first discovered it a few years ago with the Sharing Waves release. In fact, it used to be music that my partner at the time would request to help ease her anxiety in particularly bad cases (“play the nice music again”).
This has since become something that I have routinely done by myself as well, and this new release has come perfectly timed in my life, and I suspect will get many a much-needed listen.

I hope that making this music has had a similar positive effect to you that listening to it has done for me.


wow - thank you so much for sharing your experience here.
making music like this is cathartic and soothing for me - and to know that it’s connecting with others and offering some form of relief is honestly all i could ever ask for.