Sonic Sound Synthesis modular sessions at The Neon Hospice (5 June 2021: end of series special with Walker Farrell)

SsS is a new weekly show at The Neon Hospice online radio station.

Sonic Sound Synthesis is an outlet for the amazing sounds made by modular synthesisers.
Once a week we will present a set of audio recordings made by people around the world using these fascinating machines.

Given the bizarre and diverse array of sounds that can be produced from the synthesiser control panel, we impose no artificial stylistic limitations on the audio exhibits we present.

SsS is operated behind the scenes by late-stage synth enthusiasts Richard Fontenoy (aka Drift of Signifieds) and Edmund Davie (aka @extractor_fan).

The first session of 2021 is on Saturday 2 January and will last two hours, with full sets from Extractor Fan and Design A Wave of Alien Jams fame, with an interlude by Drift of Signifeds (me).

We hope to see you there and feel free to drop by to hang out in the lounge; future sessions will be announced weekly.

Updated: the full archive of shows can be found here.


The first 2021 session has been archived at Mixcloud in three parts:

Extractor Fan: Mixcloud
Drift of Signifieds: Mixcloud
Design A Wave: Mixcloud

Next Saturday’s session comes from the legendary Philippe Petit (@Modulisme) with one hour of Synthi A and Buchla 200 improvisation.

Update: The archived session can be found here:

This Saturday’s SsS session features the one and only @edengrey - broadcasting from 21:00 GMT as ever at The Neon Hospice.

Is that Johnny Mugwump’s show, The Neon Hospice?

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The very same - and the radio station is expanding all the time.

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Will check it out. I know Tom (Design A Wave) from way back also.
Haven’t seen Mr Mugwump in years.


Jonny’s thrown himself into The Neon Hospice with a huge amount of infectious and joyful enthusiasm! It’s just the tonic needed in the era we’re living through.


@edengrey’s mindblowing sSs session is now available to stream

Scot Solida’s epic Cryogenic Fever Dreams (parts 1 through 5, with interludes) is an hour-long piece created on Moog Model 10, ARP 2600, a system and more. This Saturday at 21:00 GMT at Sonic Sound Synthesis.

Update: the archived set of an astonishing cosmic journey back to ~1974 through the medium of modular synthesis is available via Mixcloud:


Tonight’s session of sSs is an hour from analogue enthusiast Jono Podmore (AKA Kumo) of Metamono, Cyclopean and more (who incidentally was responsible for the collection and editing of Can’s The Lost Tapes). The show is at the new time of 7pm GMT (Saturday 30 January 2021); maybe see you in the lounge.

Update: Powerfully Euclidian set from Jono! Archived here for posterity.

We’ll have some mighty Buchla music from the renowned Thomas Dimuzio at Sonic Sound Synthesis on Saturday 6 February. Join us at 7pm GMT at The Neon Hospice for an hour-long programme of a brand-new session on 40U of all-analogue quad Buchla 200 and a selection of shorter pieces.


The archive of Thomas Dimuzio’s astonishing session is now online at Mixcloud:

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Tonight - Mark O Pilkington presents The Opposite of Magic: an assortment of unfinished drifts, dreams and unadorned listening spaces.

Mark has played synths and electronics with numerous underground and experimental outfits over the past two decades, including Téléplasmiste, Urthona, Raagnagrok, Haig Fras and The Begotten.

7 - 8pm GMT at The Neon Hospice.

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Tonight’s session at The Neon Hospice comes from the inimitable Dan Hayhurst of Sculpture fame playing in a modular mood - 7pm GMT for one hour.

For this programme, improvised synthesizer sketches were recorded on mono reel to reel tape.

Update - and now available at Mixcloud:

For Saturday 27 February’s session, we’re joined by Greypetcat, whose seen many intriguing releases via ADAADAT and others. 10pm GMT at The Neon Hospice.

The show is as ever archived at Mixcloud.

Please note that there will be no session on Saturday 6 March as the Neon Hospice is moving its physical location across borders during lockdown, but that we will return on 13 March 2021 with a very special guest indeed, Thighpaulsandra.

(Updated with final Thighpaulsandra session flyer design)

Archived now at Mixcloud:

Rick Reed has been making modular music for a quarter of a century, and since the mid 1990s has released several LPs and CDs on labels such as Ecstatic Peace, Beta-lactam Ring, Pale Disc Japan and Elevator Bath. Tonight’s session features music old, new and exclusive, and The Voltage Spooks live in Boston in 2007, with Keith Rowe and Michael Haleta.

The session is now archived at Mixcloud.

André Gonçalves, of Lisbon’s synthesiser empire ADDAC, has a sideline in eliciting other worlds from those same circuits, some of which we are pleased to present this Saturday on Sonic Sound Synthesis c/o

And here is the archive for those who couldn’t tune in:


Pansporia flyer wide

This week we are pleased to present a rare solo recording from James Hodson, aka Pansporia, who has created a full-length suite of Electrorganick Hallucinogenics by a veteran of such acts as Faust, In Gowan Ring and Splintered.

Created on Nord Modular G2, Nord Wave, ASM Hydrasynth, Yamaha A4000 sampler and Behringer Neutron and mastered by Amir Shoat.

Mixcloud archive here:

10 April 2021 finds DJ Negative Skills back at the controls, playing a fresh one-hour mix of new and exclusive tracks from the like of @edengrey, Dan Hayhurst, Warmths, Exact Fortran, Drift of Signifieds, Scot Solida, No Masters and a very special guest, @walker Farrell.

Update: And the archive is now live at Mixcloud.

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Tonight’s session at The Neon Hospice comes from Vancouver’s premier modular producer Warmths. Expect energy and crushing bass. 7pm BST

Astrogenic Hallucinauting (@SPIKE) will be our special guest for a session at The Neon Hospice on 24 April 2021 at the usual time of 7pm BST. On this occasion there will also be short pieces alongside the main event from Drift of Signifieds and Extractor Fan.

And here is the archive: