Sony walkman hacks? (Limiter circuit)

Any walkman specialists here?
Bought a wm ex 631 wich i really like (even getting audio books now)
But the limiter (avls) is frustrating and i wonder if it could be hacked to off. The pcb (and belt) is very acsessible on these tiny machines.

Would love to get it louder

It looks like there might be several models of this guy but in the manual I found here:
it says AVLS can be turned off by holding the MODE button until AVLS disappears from the display.

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Damn thanks, i was trusting in „functions of the player are mirrored on the remote“ but no mode button there.

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Hmmm. Do you have the original remote (RM-WME23)? I have a 921 and the remote has a mode button. Other remotes can work for play/stop, but may not have all of the controls of the original.

Not sure if you found the service manual yet but here it is.

Nope bought it without thinking that the limiter is always on by eu law or the remote wont have any extras.

On page 26 of the repair manual:
Pin 38 of IC701 AVLS ON/OFF control signal output “L”: AVLS OFF, “H”: AVLS ON

You may just need to ground that pin or cut the trace to it? Just guessing here, proceed at your own risk. :grinning:

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Had no time to read but that sounds promising! Will see what else might be hackable. Like autostop off and that darn bleep