Soothing Sounds for Parents (Disquiet Junto 0251)


i was born in hokkaido. north east of japan.



also - never be allowed solitary time in the bathroom ever again.

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Bugger, I just did a track with 337is’ How To Repeat too. I like your track @detritus_tabu

Just exporting it now but I’m thinking maybe I should do something else. There were so many good tracks last week, I downloaded about a dozen. I could easily be inspired to record again.

Let me sleep on it but I’ve already written up my process and will add the video here either way.

If anyone would like to add the ambience of Valla Beach to their track, I’ve just uploaded my audio from last week here.

Update: Now uploaded. Will probably skip remixing a second track but have also uploaded the audio from this week here if anyone would like build on what I’ve done. Seems to be in the key of G, I think.



1 ran the track through the protoplasm synth and various other fx
2 ran the track thru the mangle (crossfaded a paulstretched duplicate too)
3 added some white noise (babies apparently like white noise, but i think parents can too)

lets try this bandcamp functionality



Really liked Ethan’s piece and liked this poem thought they went well together and added a beat.

Later, Les



parents, we try constantly to improve ourselves, they copy what we do

monolase -



cool video :slight_smile:



I asked my wife: “What is soothing/relaxing music for you.” She answered: “When it’s boring!” So, I decided to remix my own track from last week(don’t have a lot of other choices). As a new member, I didn’t want to start messing with other peoples songs already.
I didn’t do that much remixing… First, I adjusted the bass and treble a little, then added some gongs, bells and whistles and in the end I added a field recording with children playing(from Laya Projects)



Still soothing. Feels like falling asleep in the sun on the beach.



Yup, still boring… but with bells

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Listening to @fjna’s track got me thinking I should add a couple of relaxing Junto tracks to my recording of Valla Beach. One thing led to another and – oops – another Junto.

I’ve added @GlennSogge’s ‘A Simple Sleep’ and @yapruder’s ‘Binky’ to the waves at Valla with Massive C.

Both added tracks have been repitched and, as well as being dropped a fifth, 'Binky"s been warped to twice the length and edited to fit.

They have also got a bus to a Valhalla Shimmer reverb, which is glorious.



for this remix i used the wonderful track by @minorshores ,
Soothing sounds.
1 took a part of the track and sliced it with Abletons Simpler,
played a track with the slices ,used just a bit of eq,compression
and saturation.
2 made the voice sounding track with Density Instrument and
3 looped a piece of the track for the noise sound with some
compression and saturation.
4 added a bass sound for some low frequencies.



Really nice sound and the video fits perfect,great job.

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I started with this track of hypoid

Creative Process

I had actually already downloaded it and started to add some drums to it when I read the assignment. Then I made some loops with Abelton sampler using a small part of the track of hypoid. Next I tried to used some of the ideas I’ve been learning in a composition class to change up the loops (really basic like a chromatic progression or changing a cord). During this time I was also thinking about how this could be something for parents. I remember when I was a new parent, wanting to go to sleep and being interrupted by crying. It was always nice when my wife was willing to get up :wink: (not so nice when I had to). So I thought of recreating this, and also having someone say they will take care of things. I used generic voices from an online dictionary rather than my own or some particular persons voice.
[ For some reason I think this is interesting to do, in general I like sounds from everyday life that are “repurposed”. So maybe it would be the same to use someone familar’s words but pulled about and regrouped into other sentences. (I’m restraining myself from going on and on about this …)
Here is another short example using voices from the dictionary from a few months ago. ]

I put the individual words into Abelton sampler and then a drum rack. I found it cool to use the arpeggiator on the drum rack. Hearing the words didn’t instill trust that the being speaking them would take good care of the newborn. Of course it’s hard to find a suitable babysitter for a newborn.

Global Structure and issues

The structure is reality into dream state followed by slowly coming back to semi reality. The dream state starts chaotically and goes into more structure and then something sparce. This is more how I think it goes rather than what I want. The first part of the dream has too many notes and is too chaotic. I was trying to apply some of the stuff from the composition class. I’m not sure how to fix this. Maybe just take out some notes? The later part of the dream is a bit repetitive and maybe another voice should be added.
Anyway I welcome all suggestions. I don’t plan on redoing it but any general comments or ideas would be appreciated (so that I could try to apply them to later exercises).
I increased the track speed in a couple of places and in particular towards the end of the dream and track. I’m very interested in things related to changing of time. The last segment goes back to the track of hypoid, but at a low volume. I think if you actually listen to this part (but it does take 30 seconds of patience in our very busy world), then you will find it meditative and relaxing (at least that’s the hope).
Parents need 30 second time outs too!



I used Telechir’s wonderful piano improv from last week, cutting out little sections for processing and layering. I wanted to have a sort of dreamstate, soft and enveloping. Lots of reversed pieces and reverbs, and re-pitched samples saw to that.



I built a sample player patch in Pure Data and used it to play back looped sections of the source at various frequencies, lengths, and starting points. Many of the results reminded me of forest sounds, like birds, insects, and water. I recorded about 14 of my favorite variations, then arranged and mixed them in Reaper.




Schöne Nacht(disquiet0251)

Hello folks,
Thank you to the four Junto artists I used from disquiet 0250:

Software gave me fits this week, but I am happy with the results! This is sort of a continuation of last week starting out with a short segment from my contribution mixed in with Minor Shore and Suss Music parts. In addition is a recording I hope sounds like a peaceful baby sleeping(yours truly). These dissolve into 337i’s excellent arp, which I looped a section of for the buildup. A simple beat from Patterning, a nice Magellan pad, and a deep drone are introduced. Also sneaked in a sort of vocal :wink: I wanted this to represent a night for the parents after baby is sleeping quietly(as heard through a crib monitor), a worry free night to enjoy each other’s company and then themselves fall into Schöne Träume as well :slight_smile:



A remix of “Dans le berceau” by Ian Haygreen ( and “Soothing Baby Sounds” by Mark Rushton ( I extracted MIDI from an Art Blakey sample to make the bassline and some of the percussion. The rest of the percussion was sampled from Wayne Shorter.



Oops, forgot to credit the source material here:

“Wonder” by Michel Banabila

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I remixed works by Emma Hendrix, Minor Shores and Plusch. Also, I asked my parents for their all-time favorite song. «Vámonos» by José Alfredo Jiménez (mom) and «The Great Pretender» by The Platters (dad). With this materials I builded a track with great amount of compression -until distortion- and cutting tracks very randomly. I’m playing with stereo field and also with EQ’s for creating some spaces for listening rather only a work only exposing interesting sounds. Image by Dian Yuri.