Soothing Sounds for Parents (Disquiet Junto 0251)

I remixed works by Emma Hendrix, Minor Shores and Plusch. Also, I asked my parents for their all-time favorite song. «Vámonos» by José Alfredo Jiménez (mom) and «The Great Pretender» by The Platters (dad). With this materials I builded a track with great amount of compression -until distortion- and cutting tracks very randomly. I’m playing with stereo field and also with EQ’s for creating some spaces for listening rather only a work only exposing interesting sounds. Image by Dian Yuri.


I used:
Suss-musik – Yulitsa
Christopherolson – Slow-music-for-babies-dreamtime-for-ren-pts-i-iii-disquiet0250
Markrushton – Soothing-baby-sounds-disquiet0250

The words to the soundtrack:
“Will I do a good enough job? Will she have friends? Have I scarred him for life? What kind of friends will he have? Will she like me? Can I learn enough to keep up? What about schools? Sports? Will she like music? Can I teach him to draw? How do I keep all this straight?”


Hi all.

This week I listened to everyone else’s #250 projects and picked a few I thought were interesting. I put them all into Logic and played them at once, and surprisingly they sounded pretty good. I had plans to work with the material some more, but I just didn’t have the time this week. So this piece is really not my own, but I still thought it was worth sharing as the different tracks mixed together worked so well. I did some minor editing and added a little bass line, and that was basically it.

Many thanks to the following people whose music I used:

  • Echinacea Purpurea
  • David E Stevens
  • Standard Grey
  • Daniel Diaz



Election coming soon

Thinking about other people’s submissions to Junto 0250. Also Tune-Yards, Bombino, the Paris Texas soundtrack by Rye Cooder, my earlier Ghost Solos meta-track

I re-recorded the guitar improv from 0250 on a different instrument, a wood archtop (gibson L3) instead of a metal resonator (National Estralita). Warmer now. In my phrasing I took care to close out the lines and leave gaps. I recorded with a much better mic - an SM81 instead of my phone.

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I think this is the link of Lucas(the previous post)

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6th and final version now up at Soundcloud.

This rev is to make the background sounds

  • more responsive to the foreground improv, like jazz piano comping for a soloist
  • richer, more detailed, more interesting by themselves

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