Sound Experimentation 1980-2020 / Download Codes

Hello all,

I’ve got a few download codes going spare for a sound art exhibition I’m very slightly taking part in. Francisco Lopez has curated a very wide selection of experimental sound-makers, of which I’m pleased to be one. I believe the exhibition in Madrid comprises an app loaded with all this audio, with no visual component.

Given that I’m in the UK and 2020 was 2020, I’ve not been able to attend, but the museum did provide artists with downloads of the material.

I have a few codes left that expire soon, and I figured that the people of lines might be interested. It’s 707 sound works, and almost 8GB in size, so would suit those who have a big appetite for strange sounds! Lots of noise, electroacoustics, lowercase, and other lines-adjacent music. Some ‘big’ names, many names new to me. The catalogue on the website has the full tracklist.

Link expires on the 11th January (Spanish time), so grab it now if you want it. Click the link, enter one of the codes. Post in this thread with the code you’ve used. Enjoy!


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Nice! I used code pKKc2845

Thank you much, looking forward to checking this out.

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Thank you so much for sharing - I used esxU7875, excited to explore.

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Wow! Looking forward to exploring these sounds. Thank you for this. I used HZBd1411

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Thanks! - I used pKKc2845

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Very, very interested in listening to this! Downloading now. I’ve used the code QjKN8045. Thank you very much for sharing this.

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You’re very welcome! Seemed a waste to just let those codes expire. Looks like just one left.

My artist name is related to my username on here btw. Wish I’d been able to experience this in context, but so it goes

Thank you very much, I used the code esxU7875

Just used QjKN8045 - thank you this is fantastic! So looking forward to listening.

Thanks a lot! I live in Madrid and I visited the museum about a month ago. Very nice expo!

I’ve downloaded the sound files with code HZBd1411.

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Thank you so much I used code NHLv2981!

Oh really? Fantastic! What was the experience of the exhibition like? Am I right in thinking it was via an app on headphones, with the gallery space otherwise empty?

Thanks! I used HZBd1411. Great that it includes the exhibition catalog.

thank you so much for sharing!

i used NHLv2981.

Thank you very much for sharing this!
I’ve used code QjKN8045

Thank you - used ikbQ3491.

Much appreciated – I used NHLv2981.

Thanks I’m so intrigued! I used HZBd1411 and am looking forward to some fun listening :slight_smile:

thank you!!!
looking forward listening to it!
used HZBd1411

Yes. The exhibition was divided into 8 different big spaces, each with a different color scheme and dim light. At the entrance we picked a portable player and headphones, so on each room you could hear a brief introduction and then 3 different selected pieces. There was also a final room, with almost no light at all where the sound came from speakers instead of the headphones. In all the rooms there were cushions or a kind of mattress with a very interesting design to be able to lie down and listen to the sounds and music in a relaxed way. The entire tour was prepared so that the programmed version (in which you listened to 3 selected audio tracks) lasted an hour and a half. The experience was very interesting.