Sound installation @ Centre Pompidou ‚la fabrique du vivant‘

This needs a bit of an introduction:
Me-Weekend in Paris, checking what‘s on, deciding to check out ‚la fabrique du vivant‘

Inside this, there is a sound installation:

Basically the main expo is abt tinkering with living organisms (algae/bacteria/silkworms etc) and IRCAM provides a ‚living‘ sound organism. We counted 15 sound sources with sensors that feed back audience interaction. The system behaves like birds or frogs-they communicate in a closed cycle of call and response within their own language, always live and never repeating-like the real thing😳
All of a sudden we get high agitation within this community and the calls get really fast, feedbacking the visitors shushing ‚be quiet‘ attitude. So what i was getting now was hi freq oscillating phrases within maybe 500squaremeters situated in various smaller rooms of call and response.
The sounds are very much living and interacting or not with your diposition-MIND BLOWN,CHECK IT OUT!

La fabrique du vivant is great as well. The sound installation blew my mind, probably because im into sound😃 but if you‘re into getting high on pheromones or watching algae multiply-see this!


I unexpectedly experienced a similar sound installation by the same Jean-Luc Hervé some years ago; it was hidden in a garden and it took me a while of carefully listening and moving in the alleys before i realized those invisible animals moving around me must have been artificial and i found a tiny sign explaining the installation. It was great!

At the exit through to giftshop at pompidou, i bought a book describing the ‚carré magique‘ with a SD card and soundexamples,i‘m looking forward to get into Hervé‘s world-these sounfs blew my mind

La fabrique du vivant is until 15.04.19-go see it if you‘re anywhere near