sound + process: a lines podcast (episode #23: Tyler Etters, Ryan Laws, Zack Scholl)

super inspiring guys! keep up the good work. i really like the idea of using a podcast to bring people together extratextually, without physically bringing them together.


massive shout outs to @glia and @dan_derks. really enjoyed it.


This is great! Loved hearing more about @glia’s approach. Thanks for getting this together @dan_derks!

What was the name of the printmaker who experimented with the degradation/artifacts of multiple forms within a single piece?


I, too, am interested in any idea that brings our brains closer together while keeping our physical bodies as far apart as possible.


Here is an RSS feed:

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Can’t wait for more of these! Podcast crack!

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This is so great! Fantastic job @dan_derks and @glia!

you’re welcome!

another note:
the discussion of persian cultural impact on my process incites me to post the proper tracklist

with the exception or arils, aizo, and matkarim, all titles were originally written in farsi in my notes & i chose to release this tape with roman letters representing them for simplicity (a concession based on past experience)

here are the real ones which can be copypasted for a google/wiki research adventure

1 هفت رنگی
3 گل کلم
4 اصفهان
5 باداب سورت

b side

7 بیستون
8 گز بدام
9 فسنجان
10 چه خبر؟
13 مقرنس (title too)


loving this podcast so far
I have always assumed my work was a musical journal rather than written it is great to hear others in that mind frame


“MIDI does not make sense to me at all”

^More heroic words were never spoken…
MIDI doesn’t appeal to me either(sampling(and DSP fx over realtime input) was always my favorite), glad to hear i’m not the only one :smiley:

Great Podcast! Keep up the awesomeness!


@dan_derks @glia
That was really well done and an interesting listen.
Thank you both for taking the time and effort.
I’m looking forward to the next one.


and we’re back, just in time for monome’s 10 year anniversary (ish)!

this episode’s guest is the lovely and insanely deep-living @shellfritsch, who is not only an engaging musician but is an inspired filmmaker and superb human being.

I really enjoyed our conversation, which is framed here with selections from Sean’s ‘Tea Time Travel’ (self-released) and his new ‘Some Sort of Wave Portal’ (Leaving Records). Sean has owned a grid on-and-off from the very beginning and his stories surrounding that history perfectly capture the growth of this community. I greatly appreciate his taking the time to provide insights into the balance of hardware and software and I’m thankful that he offered to pull back the curtain on his additional talents and personal life.

as always, this podcast is only possible because of you. your overwhelming support and great feedback from the first episode with @glia helped make this do-able. I hope you enjoy this episode as well!


Excellent! I was just wondering last night when the next episode was coming /// worrying it’d met the 1 episode fate of so many other podcasts.

edit: This is not to say you took a long time in getting this out or owe us anything. Perfectly reasonable timeline and your efforts are appreciated!

Will listen tonight. Thanks @dan_derks and @shellfritsch for making this happen :slight_smile:


@rbxbx, you and me both – no offense taken in your rightly identifying a looming potential. Sean’s willingness and warmth were integral. definitely stoked to keep this series going, thank you for checking it out!


this is so so good
(gilb?! aes! ! !)

thank you thank you thank you @dan_derks for curating and editing this series

@shellfritsch thanks for openly sharing so much about yourself!

“recording as composition” and the eureka moment with teletype were what i identified with the most but there are tons of jewels in here (i’ll be using your elegant definition of timelessness as a new standard in my own music)

and this entrancing video makes even more sense now that I know film is your first passion


as soon as he said that, I thought of you. it was a very cool synchronicity.


Another great episode. Kudos to @dan_derks and @shellfritsch. Thanks for sharing!

And cheers to @tehn, @kelli_cain and everyone for creating such a lovely litter corner of the internet.


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hey! thanks @dan_derks for taking the time to chat and put this together! you’re a great host.

i wonder if i’ll ever get used to hearing myself talk?

anywho, thanks all for listening :slight_smile:


These were great! Always cool to hear about peoples workflows and stories! – My only tiny crit would be that the second one got a little too far from music for my personal taste, but it was still very interesting and I listened to the whole thing happily. Great stuff!

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thank you for another great talk! been enjoying this a lot on my train ride back home…

love your music @shellfritsch! instant buy. and since then constantly listening up and down…

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