sound + process: a lines podcast (episode #24: Alanza)

Continuing the discussion from A section for "sound and process"?:

After spending a few weeks considering what @raytracer had posted, I realized that I also wanted to know how the producing members of our community use the gear that’s brought us together. Globally, this got me thinking about my time with lines and how I could best contribute to our weird and wonderful hub.

With that, I’m excited to share the inaugural episode of SOUND + PROCESS – a podcast made for and about the monome community, to help deconstruct the ways that folks make music on these grids, modules, and apps.

I chose to begin with @glia for a lot of reasons, not least of which is the impact his excellent muqarnas has had on me. He is also an exemplary demystifier and a longstanding community leader.

Over the hour, @glia and I discuss a pretty wide range of topics: the impact the Persian language had on the album, his on-again off-again love affair with the grid, improvising with Aleph and other electronics, creativity in prefab culture, and the depths to which instrumental artists encode themselves in their music.

Previously unreleased material from the MQ sessions at the end of the hour.

Any and all feedback is appreciated. This is a podcast for us, for this thing that feels like home. I hope it helps address a need. At the very least, I hope it improves the discussion among new and established members alike.


Very cool Dan Derks! Listening now. :slight_smile:

Tuning in now. Inspiring. Thanks and cheers!

Wow, great stuff!!! Will it be up on iTunes or as podcast rss some time in the future?

a quick note

i was honoured to be asked but hesitant to agree to talk (for a variety of reasons) . @dan_derks probably wasnt aware of my misgivings and managed two monumental feats: to convince me to speak freely and produce a decent podcast from our lengthy conversation.

so if you gain anything from listening to this episode, please continue to show your support and appreciation to him because he has poured a lot of effort into this project

this hr covered many topics but if it didnt touch on something in your mind, i’m am available to answer additional questions about my work and the inspiration/processes behind what you hear in any recordings of mine…feel free to ask here or pm me


Excellent timing. That’s my entertainment for the flight to SuperBooth16 sorted :sunglasses:


This is really cool!
I’ve been thinking recently that this is my favorite forum/community of all time. It covers so many areas and subjects, so it’s wonderful to see something like this pop up.

Really covers a lot of ground, and gets quite philosophical.

I love the editing too, coming in and out of music.

(just heard my shoutout(s) in there!)


[quote=“Rodrigo, post:8, topic:2813”]
I love the editing too, coming in and out of music.
[/quote]He really did a fantastic job of that!

I didn’t touch on this in the interview but while sorting thru pictures from the sessions it became apparent that you deserved acknowledgement on the tape itself. TPV and CG were regularly misused for digitizing (rather than production) because I love the preamp (I’m so ignorant…is that even the right terminology?). They were the quickest, simplest, no-fuss way to bridge my tapes and my pc.


really excited to see this continue. totally agree with @Rodrigo that this has become my favorite community, so it’s great to see this natural extension of the conversations here emerge. looking forward to more episodes.


Hah that’s cool. That part is pretty straight forward using the regular sfrecord~ thing, but good to hear that it was (mis)useful!


thank you so much to everyone who’s checked it out and extra gratitude to those who provided feedback! am very grateful that it’s been met with such positivity (so much owed to the subject himself). definitely motivating.

@Christoffer – S+P will be on iTunes, but only as soon as I can figure out how to do that. have some time over the next few days and will be looking into it.

looking forward to developing the series with you all!


can’t think of a better morning discovery. really looking forward to this.

thank you all for continuing to evolve this gathering place!


It was a pleasure talking a few weeks ago and you made it easy to open up by asking intriguiging and insightful questions!

@tehn thanks for inspiring all of us

the positivity, productivity, and sincerity of this group is a reflection of the attitude and intention you and kelli project


Really nice idea and work! Thanks for making this happen, i’m looking forward to next episodes!!

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it’s really nice to hear so many voices of you guys lately, new experience!

great job you all.


@dan_derks (and @glia) thank you so much for making this! I’ve got a giant grin on my face simply because “this exists!” (which also pretty accurately describes my feelings about the lines community as a whole)

I hope this is the start of many episodes to come.


As a footnote for the nerds

the picture used for the podcast is a rarity because I generally work in seclusion…however my niece was hanging out with me the day i recorded fesenjaan and used my phone to capture a spontaneous moment

we frequently listen to music together but i rarely work on music when we could be talking/eating/ etc so this was quite special + i think the track sounds different than the rest of the collection due to her presence

she also influenced the choice of gear (curious what the nord drum sounded like) and the duration

Without her influence it mightve sounded more like the…


I love this! I’m looking forward to listening to future episodes. Hearing this sort of shop talk about personal process is wonderful. Thanks for putting it together!

Glad to be introduced to @glia’s music as well.


Great work @dan_derks and @glia ! :smile:


just listening and it’s amazingly good.
thank you so much for doing this @dan_derks.
and @glia, that’s some really inspiring stuff in there.