sound + process: a lines podcast (episode #24: Alanza)

you know i love that meat tube.


one of the things that really resonated with me throughout this fantastic episode was the discussion on crafting a sound journey in medias res; a story already in progress. and yet not losing sight of the personal aspect. reaching out to people; questions, connections, empathy, compassion. slowing down to let moments happen, and sharing them with the listener.

i’ve always noticed a certain warmth in the melodic/textural vibes and titles of josh’s music. hearing him articulate some of how that comes about–the blend of intentionality and intuition, the discovery along the way, the right amount of time needed to communicate something, familiarity–was really wonderful. that type of intimacy is inspiring; something i’ll be thinking about very much in my future work. i’m likeminded in desiring to share my heart, in a way, through song.

thanks so much for sharing, @jwm & @dan_derks.


Not sure if it’s already been posted about elsewhere, but nice to see Sound + Process being listed as one of the top 10 music production podcasts on the Native Instruments blog:


Just checked this out for the first time today, starting with the most recent episode with @jwm. Lovely thoughtful stuff all around, including a lot that resonates with my own processes. Definitely have some new music I need to investigate now. :slight_smile:


Holy Moses @jwm. Just snagged L+ on Bandcamp and it is breathtaking. Great job, and thank you @dan_derks for this fantastic podcast.

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@josephbranciforte is a multi-instrumentalist, recording and mixing engineer, composer, sound artist, and programmer based out of New York City. This episode was edited by Joseph himself, which allowed me to approach it primarily as a listener. And I’ve been must struck by Joseph’s balance between conviction and query.

Though much is covered in this half hour, Joseph’s reflections inspired so many questions for me. What happens when you shake the dust of the day-to-day a little? When you inject a new choice into the established theme? What happens when you dive in head and heart first?

I hope y’all dig this one and, as always, thank you each for making lines.

Featured music:


Will it be available via Apple Podcasts? It’s not there yet… looking forward!

I think it just takes a bit of time for iTunes to pull the feed – it’s on Apple Podcasts now :wink:


awesome news!
i was motivated to dive in and start actively working with max after seeing this recently

due to resolution it’s hard to see all the objects in the frame . i gradually realized he must be using custom abstractions (which i now use too)

great sounding patch and would love to learn more from it as i continue making progress

edit: finished the podcast and came away (as always) with many points of resonance…especially the comments about oversaturation + limiting ones “diet” or intake of outside stimuli

thanks joseph and dan!


Awesome! Will listen to it today. Thank you Joseph, and thank you Dan. As usual… :blue_heart:

happy to share the patch… it’s really simple… just a [click~] object sending impulses through a filter and a short delay line!

many thanks to @dan_derks for the interview & the fantastic podcast… been an avid listener to these for a while, an honor to be featured.


i would love that!

feel free to dm or share here


i couldn’t actually find the patch from that IG post, but i just did my best to re-create it here for you:

patch.maxpat (29.6 KB)

this one uses all standard max objects, so it’s a bit easier to follow… just impulses into a filter with a short delay line. i’ve come to use those abstractions you mentioned above as my own sort of dialect within max… great for building things quickly, but perhaps not so great for others to understand patches at a glance!


What a great episode. @josephbranciforte, you are an interesting dude, and it was fun to jump inside your brain a bit. I’m wondering, did you keep up your interest in philosophy?


Fun little bit of coincidental overlap between two of my favorite podcasts and podcasters this week: @dan_derks chatted with @josephbranciforte, and then Kenneth Kirschner talked about his collaboration with Joseph on @darwingrosse’s podcast. I listened to the episodes back-to-back without expecting an immediate connection. Nice timing, Dan and Darwin!


@mattlowery thanks for listening! i’ve definitely kept up my interest in philosophy… in the back of my mind i always wish i’d been able to pursue that path more seriously… although between all the musical activities, engineering/mixing/mastering, running a label, etc., it’s been hard to find the time for the kind of focused reading that work demands. always up for reading recommendations, though!

@caelmore yes, a bit of unplanned synchronicity! i’m really excited about that project (algorithmically composed chamber pieces) w/ kenneth… keep an eye out for it in early 2020.

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fantastic :slightly_smiling_face:

Surprised this wasn’t mentioned already… here’s @dan_derks on @darwingrosse’s podcast (Sound + Process on Art + Music + Technology):


It’s a really nice episode! Very inspiring… :+1: