sound + process: a lines podcast (episode #24: Alanza)


@dan_derks, I found the collage aspect of this episode very compelling. Of course you had great source material from great guests, but hearing them each reflect on themes in the curated way you presented it was really special. It felt a lot like a real conversation.

Maybe it would be cool to interview several people together? The conversational dynamic leads to a somewhat different listening experience which is also quite enjoyable and illuminating…

So glad Sound + Process continues!


Beautiful and inspiring! Thank you lovely people :slight_smile:


Every sound + process is a Christmas gift! This one was no exception! Please make more :heart:


most wholesome, thoughtful, and inspiring podcast there is, thank you dan! :black_heart:


Wonderful episode. I enjoyed a lot listening to it. You can feel the positiveness you always find in the Lines forum.


Enjoyed this episode a lot, thank you. Now I want to get involved with the open source community - as someone whose coding and music lives are currently very much separate.


Really loved this episode! Many, many resonating themes with me right now that helped to soothe some of my anxiety and imposter syndrome around the creation and publishing of electronic music. You all are so inspiring!


This was wonderful! Very nice insight to some more regular forum users… Thanks so much and well done! :slight_smile:


Also joining the praise here, really enjoyed listening to this episode! Thank you.


i am creating a recursive rabbit warren for us all with the deeptime links, but, from my blog:

It is excruciatingly difficult for me to put into English what I “do” with my time. So, of course, a podcast recorded two years ago and released this week manages to say it all. Dan Derks lovingly assembles each episode of Sound + Process. They are a some kind of techno-bodhisattva; adept at holding cyberspace, carrying the torch of hope, and passing around the love. I look up to them very much.


if you’ve spent any time here in the last two years, the guests of this episode are likely already …

Ryan and Zack are two finest travel companions one could ever hope for. I’m holding back tears just thinking about their kindness, artistry, and tenacity. Everything we do is open source so consider this is a standing invitation for you to join us.

The llllllll community has become the sangra I didn’t know I needed, but always yearned for. And please know, or already understand, I do not invoke spiritual terms like “sangra” or “bodhisattva” lightly. Music is my religion. I’m proud to work at a company where Gregg, the CEO, is known to say things like, “Concerts are my church.”

Shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic started, I purchased some monome hardware. What kind of hardware does monome make?

sound machines for
the exploration of time
and space

I ascribe to the philosophy that music is actually defined by silence. The passage of time between each note of a melody is where the magic happens. And I think of my work (my art, my music, this very blog) as an extension of this philosophy. One of the reasons I struggle with English as a medium is its inherent “violence against silence.” I’m drawn to punctuation like the venerable ;, the distinguished , and her kid-brother - because (to the sensitive reader) they can actually manipulate time.

Sound + Process, they call it.

Hearing my two-years-younger self is quite trippy. What a silence. What a melody.

Sound and Process…

I don’t blog on regular cycles. I don’t do “content” with the aim of growth-hacking some algorithm. I don’t measure success by how many followers I have on Mastodon or whatever is in vogue today.

So, under normal circumstances, two years is a “pretty long” time. But under the ravages of the 21st century anxiety-matrix it represents epochs. Kingdoms have risen and fallen. This episode became something of a running joke between us, a mythical whale. Would it ever get released? Is it still relevant? Does it still ring true?

Emphatically, to all questions: yes.




@dan_derks I don’t have many words to express how enamored I am with this - its a wonderful time capsule, its so excellent produced and weaved together. it was an honor to speak alongside with @license and @tyleretters whom I learned so much from back then and continue to this day.

I especially like the group interview in the sense it shines a light on something that I’ve seen multiple times in this community: the result from multiple people working together transforms their potential seemingly greater than the sum of their parts. there are so many amazing creations formed from collabs - like dronecaster (@tyleretters , @license, +many folks!), sacred cyborg harmony (@sixolet and @nonverbalpoetry), pirate-radio (@eigen, @jaseknighter, +many others), and the recent n.Kria (@sixolet and @zbs).

here’s to 2023, towards more intrepid alliances to actualize our mutual creativities :slight_smile:


@alanza is a brilliant mathematician, teacher, speaker, developer, musician, and facilitator of community. she’s a moderator here at lines, a constant and encouraging presence in the norns discord, and in the last weeks of December last year she released an incredible collection of hyperpop and electronica songs as Alanza (her actual middle name, which is so so good) called Learning to Run.

an episode with Rylee has long been on my wishlist — like, since 2018. in every track she shared as part of the Disquiet Junto that year, Rylee always uncovered the most hypnotic and miraculous timbres — and her virtuosity as a synthesist has only become more evident in the years since.

in this episode, Rylee shares insights into her pursuits as a mathematician, her strategies for synthesizer orchestration inside and out of a pop music context, and some background into the production of Learning to Run. she approached our conversation with so much generosity and openness of heart — i’m very thankful we finally got to make this happen :black_heart:



what an easter egg ! thank you both


Yaaaaay! What a treat :blue_heart:


“Teaching is just sort of being fascinated in front of an audience “

Wow! That is awesome and exactly how it feels when it’s in the zone…

Great to hear from Rylee about her process.

The only terrifying part was hearing about the Plumbutter…. I can’t open that door :flushed:

Thanks, thanks, thanks!!!


Gosh, what a treat to be able to do one of these! thank you thank you thank you @dan_derks!!


such a lovely episode. Thanks Dan and Rylee for making this happen. Listening to this sweet and insightful conversation on my walk to work was a perfect way to start the day. Love the way the sound of the album is woven into the episode too!


thank you @alanza for opening up with so many goodies to share!

and thanks @dan_derks for keeping S+P afloat with new exciting convos like this

it’s always a wonderful surprise to see another one pop up :partying_face:


loved listening to this!!! @alanza, you are so inspiring. I loved Learning to Run so it was cool to hear the background about it here. also your relationship with teaching resonated with me a lot too.


hey, backatcha. I’m still chasing some of the amazing sounds on yr Be The Light / Be The Void album.