Sound + Process: a lines podcast (in-betweens: CKUT / Free City Radio lines mix)



Lovely episode, it’s nice to put a voice to @ioflow after many conversations. Interesting idea on the blind recording too, might have to give it a try sometime.


thanks Dan and thanks Joshua!
best christmas afternoon ever
so good to listen a good story with beatiful music from great peoples and musicians
thanks again


Thanks @Dan_Derks @marcus_fischer and @ioflow for the last two instalments.
A great soundtrack to sitting on a quiet boxing day watching the birds pecking about outside my kitchen window.


@Random, @ppqq, @saintcloud, @cocco88 + @sandy: thank you for sharing your impressions and feedback. I’m so glad to hear that these conversations were able to mix well with your various landscapes and perspectives. :slight_smile:


Just finished listening to the latest episode with @ioflow and it was wonderful. Like @saintcloud, I’m also interested in trying the blind recording technique as well.
@ioflow’s thoughts on daily challenges are also inspiring. Made me think about trying to come up with something similar for 2018.

@Dan_Derks I think the different structure that you used for this episode worked really well. It felt natural and it flowed really well in my opinion.


wow. thank you @ioflow and @Dan_Derks for an intensely inspiring and moving episode. i loved the format of josh telling his story, which got me emotional multiple times. i relate so much to the creative and mental processes that are described and listening to this really just made me want to rush to an instrument and start making some sounds.

can’t wait for my tape to arrive and proudly add it to my collection.

p.s. also josh your speaking voice is so beautiful and relaxing to listen to. would buy the audiobooks.


thank you so much! i remember talking with dan after listening to your episode, and noting how much your processes seem to parallel mine!

also, willing to narrate anything. used to do this back in the day, and also used to be asked to tell stories specifically to help folks sleep.

and thanks to all of you who’ve listened and shared your thoughts – i’m overjoyed to hear your encouragement, inspirations, and peaceful moments.

if there’s anything else i can tell you more about, whatever your curiosity, whether it’s process or anything else that came up in the episode, let me know. i love sharing what i can; shining some light on these things.


My tape of Spring arrived the other day, and I’ve been enjoying the *$&#^@ out of it. Thank you for this episode of S+P and for such an interesting interview format.


Another lovely episode, @Dan_Derks. As always, very inspiring. It was especially nice to hear someone that is making such beautiful music whilst suffering from hearing loss. As someone who also suffers issues with hearing this really resonated.


This is a really amazing episode. I love the process @ioflow describes, it’s really beautiful and inspiring. Thanks @Dan_Derks for putting this together and letting @ioflow’s words speak so clearly.


Beautiful episode. I was listening to it this morning, and then this arrived.



just got back from holidays
thanks again @Dan_Derks for your great work
i listened 6 episodes during flight time, such a great way to pass time
thanks again for your work, hope to listen a new episode soon


Just listened to this episode last night. Great insight into @ioflow’s workflow.


Layered Sameness was the single Junto project that inspired me to participate. I loved hearing your perspective on it and how it inspired you and continues to inspire what you do - which is beautiful. Well done.


Podcasts are one of my favorite ways to learn new things and take a break from being inundated with music at my day job. I don’t think of myself as a podcast “connoisseur” per se, but I do feel like I’ve listened to enough podcasts to really tell when a podcast has the ability to transcend a narrow genre.

I started listening to Sound + Process at the beginning of the month and couldn’t stop. I’ve caught up now and just wanted to say @Dan_Derks has done an incredible job with creating a podcast that transcends music-oriented themes, touching on art, friendship, mortality, and so many other deeply human experiences.

Each episode has helped me to think just a little bit differently about music creation, but it has also made me feel so thankful to be a member (although still very new) of the incredibly diverse and supportive community that is Lines.

Keep doing you Dan. So pumped for the next episode.


just got done listening to the new @marcus_fischer & @ioflow episodes. very inspiring stuff, so glad these exist! thank you @Dan_Derks for creating a forum for these kinds of conversations… looking forward to more.


so glad folks have been able to dig into these last couple episodes. :slight_smile:

thank you all for posting your thoughts / impressions as you listen. focused edits are happening right now on the latest, balanced against prep for a conversation this weekend. deeply grateful for the opportunity to learn from these artists, even more grateful to share.



…in that case I need to catch up on this one


Yes I also have to chime in here. This podcast is soooo goood! Very inspirational on so many levels. I have actually relistened to a bunch of episodes multiple times.
Thanks for making this!


everyone’s got new things…

edit: completely spaced on mentioning how instrumental @jasonw22 was in getting my footing with this. back in July 2017, he spent more time than he should’ve on PM, answering questions about domain registration and web hosting. he steered me toward, which recently updated their toolkit and let me buy my domain and design/launch the site in a weekend (for like, $5/mo!). he’s always been an incredible resource and supporter of this project. thanks so much, j.