Sound + Process: a lines podcast (in-betweens: CKUT / Free City Radio lines mix)



Yaaaay! :blush: 20 chars of new things


Congrats. Beautiful website!


Ohh i like the web design, well done. Looking forward to the next episode as always.


I stumbled across the Sound + Process podcast last night without prior knowledge of lines. Though I don’t have any experience with grid, I felt pretty compelled to sign up after hearing about the vibe you’ve got going here. You all seem like a great community. I’m excited to binge on the rest of the series and mooch about on the forum. :v:


Just like to chime in and express my appreciation for Sounds + Process. The last week I’ve had the best possible company when out running. So many great, nice and interesting artists. Thanks!


“Ezra Buchla is from California. He has played in bands.”

While not inaccurate, @zebra’s official bio belies the depth of his work. From his most well-known bands (Mae Shi and Gowns) to the backlog of live performances and sketches on his rarely updated website, Ezra has an uncanny ability to break your fucking heart in less than 45 seconds. No matter the instrument — viola, oscillators, a laptop or his own voice — he finds ways to blend his classical training with an agility in software programming to stunning effect.

Over the course of this episode Ezra reflects on composition and the function of scores, the relationship between humans and their instruments, the haute couture of music tech, his intentions for the Aleph, and handling other people’s relationships with his father (artist and inventor Don Buchla, 1937 – 2016) while planning the Don Buchla Memorial Concerts.

For a listing of the featured music, which includes selections from Ezra’s collaborations, bands and solo work, visit


Great to see this episode come to fruition!


Very excited at the idea of listening to this !


Going to brew myself a damn fine cup of coffee in the morning and listen to this! Can’t wait.


Wow, this one is going to be great. Thank you :blush:


I am so in love with this series! You are such a bright and empathic interviewer and you have such a great voice to listen to. And every time I have the impression to have learned something important.

Big up from Berlin!


Just listened to this, resonate a lot with his feelings around software


thank you for listening! which bit struck you most?


I dunno, just like the idea of software as an alternative to buying things, and using highly capable modern tech that most people already has access to rather than physical, single use objects. I’ve personally been avoiding modular and hardware, even though I’m interested in the kind of music they make, in part for money reasons but also because I feel like the laptop I already have is already capable of doing all of the things I want to do, I just have to dig into it more.


for sure – “do whatever’s easiest and most accessible to you” + “get the cheap thing that makes the sound” should be as ubiquitous as “you can never have enough VCA’s.”

the Robert Henke interview (the referenced bit is halfway down, starting with “So, what’s the role of the press in this?”) is also really clarifying.


btw @ioflow belated thanks cause I never mentioned here…i love your description of blind recording

it was extremely comforting to hear the reason (and the result)


thank you @Dan_Derks + @zebra

  • i’m gonna type as i listen…starting out with cracklebox as a kid mustve been fun!

  • amazon (or monome fam?) recommended heartbeeps a looooooong time ago, which was the 1st i heard of you . unfamiliar with gowns and your other collaborative projects, so i’m gonna look em up

  • your dissection/analysis of composition for synthesizer and use of notation was poignant to me

  • the call for more technically inclined folk to collaborate with less technical artists is something I will revisit later

  • this whole aleph section is making me laugh . wait what…scripting with aleph? and i appreciate that you can laugh about the reality compared to some expectations (it is a remarkable machine, genuinely nothing quite like it)

this has also been a reminder of how amazing catfact is
it has always been one of my fav websites

great episode!


Welcome to lines.
Glad you found it.


hi…i’d say i’m what is commonly referred to around here as a “lurker” I don’t have a strong background in music making and i’m not incredibly tech savvy. I’m learning, I have found a passion (this sound thing) and it’s important to me. This community has become important to me. This podcast is important to me. I feel that, even on the sidelines, i’m part of this “thing”. This urge to learn and explore sound or plants or…

Basically i’m just saying thank you…THANK YOU!!! all of you

but im singling out Dan_Derks at the moment… what youre doing is important

also… I want to contribute, even in a small way, to this project in hopes that it can flourish. On the website the donate link is connected to a one time paypal payment. Is there a patreon with a monthly/episode based subscription? am i just missing some obvious link? personally, my brain wanders in too many directions and any automatic systems that I can utilize to avoid my wandering brain is beneficial…in this case for both of us :wink:


Thanks @Dan_Derks and @zebra! Beautiful and intimate and I feel lucky to be invited in.