Sound + Process: a lines podcast (in-betweens: CKUT / Free City Radio lines mix)



Very nice listening!
Thumbs up from Italy!


Hej @Dan_Derks,
just want to say thank you for your lovely podcast!!! Heard all episodes since I discovered it.

And as it is my first post here at lines:

Hello everyone! I‘m so happy that I stumbled across this community!


i’m so happy more and more people find out about lines!

nice way to put it and welcome!

edit: oh, i actually came here to say: another great episode @Dan_Derks! leaving out the voice of the interviewer, although i like your voice, works very well in this episode and the one with @ioflow. sounds like a long and thoughtful introspection.


thank you all for the kind feedback – I’m so happy to hear the ways you’re each engaging with Ezra’s thoughts and I’m glad that the format changes are working for folks.

humbled to be able to help open lines to new people. welcome x 20.

re: contributions, etc…if you want to see this project grow, engage others in this space. I’ve made a very conscious effort to avoid trends in guests, but those keeping score at home know that there’s definitely work to be done. s+p’s growth is directly linked to the diversity of perspective, experience and identity in this community.


The social concept of scoring and composition was a new perspective for me. I especially loved this bit on composition and notation but really cuts to the act of creating something meaningful, in general:

Of course its just an instrument with a gestural vocabulary and behind it there is a human being and then in front of it there’s sounds. So you can address it in three ways: you can say I want the sounds to be such and such, or you can say I want the gestures to be such and such, or you can say I want you to be thinking about this and that or talking about this and that during your performance. They’re all interesting but I would say they become increasingly interesting the closer you address the human.

Very much loved this episode.


Halfway through this Ezra Buchla episode, and I just want to say that, Dan, your progress thus far in editing has been amazing. The first episodes feel so crude by comparison. While the interviews have always been amazing, the cut-ins are just amazing. The interview flows so well, especially given that we aren’t listening to any of the questions.

I love this.

I just love this.

Also, Ezra is so inspiring. Listening to this is making me want to bust out reaktor right now.


Sound and Process is truly a gift! Who is going to interview @Dan_Derks for an episode on them?


Sound + Process #13: @Dan_Derks interviews @Dan_Derks


I’m continuing to find these podcasts extremely fantastic. In addition to the obvious benefits of learning about other peoples’ processes, hearing the vocal personalities of other folks here does a lot towards feeling connected to the community.

I do miss the dialog format though. Hearing the guest the whole time makes it feel a bit more like a conference talk where the person is up on a stage, and a bit less like I’m in a cafe, listening in on a conversation some friends are having next to me.

In any case, listening is always a great joy and source of information. Continued thanks to @Dan_Derks and all of the wonderful folks who’ve revealed so much here :heart:


I’ll echo all the above sentiments. Great work @Dan_Derks, and a thought provoking interviewee in @zebra.

I personally have always preferred the silent interviewer approach, so I love the new format.


That’s like some kinda Inception/Matrix concept there lol.


What about a lines members ask @Dan_Derks questions Sound and Process??


@catenary, thank you. it’s been a really fulfilling project and it’s been nice to be able to explore different approaches. very lucky that folks give their trust and agree to be a part of it. every ask always feels like a long shot.

lol re: flipping roles. there’s that saying — long walk for a short drink of water — which definitely has a tendency to manifest on my side of the convo. i’ve got plenty of b-roll for a supercut episode.

i think this format will stick around for now (esp since i didn’t record my side for this next one at all), but i really appreciate the feedback @rknLA! i have some ideas for how i’d like to reincorporate the back and forth, in time.

thanks again, all.


I just remembered to come back to this to say, and I might be in the minority here, but I miss hearing @Dan_Derks in these interviews. Whilst the quality of the last two episodes has been fantastic and the editing to create a coherent narrative has been exceptional and clearly implies Dan’s questioning, I kind of miss learning something about Dan’s thinking along the way. We hear about Dan’s processes too and and the ideas etc that make him tick. And Dan, I kind of like your accent!


There’s something soothing about @Dan_Derks’ voice that I miss. Although the quality of s+p is still fantastic.


Episode 13 features musician, designer, programmer and teacher @MengQiMusic . A pioneering interface theorist, Meng Qi is perhaps best known for opening new dimensions of control and interaction with Peter Blasser’s Ciat-Lonbarde circuits. His earliest module, Voltage Memory, is the first synth module to have ever been both designed and manufactured in China. Over the years, Meng Qi has released a wide spectrum of music with these and other instruments. His experiments with feedback and frequency modulation are only enhanced by explorations of tonality — the resulting songs are uniquely beautiful in both timbre and emotion.

Since Meng Qi’s audiences span many countries and languages, I’ve chosen to present his episode in two different formats — one is a transcript annotated with audio at and the other is a standalone album with a downloadable documentation (and live in-convo performance!) on

Any way you dig into it, thank you so much for listening.

teaser, for those who miss the narrated intros:


Brilliant! Really looking forward to finding some time for this one


Wuhuuuu. I was desperately waiting for a new episode. :heart_eyes: thanks @Dan_Derks. I really enjoying your podcast!!!


The cut-up transcript thing is a great idea!


Really wonderful episode, thank you @MengQiMusic for sharing your music, insights and reflections and @Dan_Derks for bringing this to us in such a well considered way. Inspiring stuff. Will be revisiting this for sure!