Sound + Process: a lines podcast (in-betweens: CKUT / Free City Radio lines mix)



thank you for another great talk! been enjoying this a lot on my train ride back home…

love your music @shellfritsch! instant buy. and since then constantly listening up and down…


indeed - it’s a known fact that i have a tendency to get a bit too rambly and detail oriented when it comes to recounting tales and contextualizing.


well it didn’t matter anyway because it was just a really fun story! :smiley:


you made finding a throughline super easy, though, as so much of TTT was rooted in your time at trout gulch and the work you were doing with EP. also, I wanted to go for a more complete look into your story for the 10 year anniversary.

if anything, I definitely got super swept up through my editing as I made a lot of cuts to the teletype and gear part of the convo to keep it around an hour. @polyoptics, I very much appreciate the feedback and wanted to give some context to the editing decision in case others felt the same – in retrospect, I definitely wish that I had included more of Sean’s very poignant thoughts on the development of his rig. really helpful to keep in mind for future episodes, thank you for sharing your wants from the podcast and thank you for the support!


My favorite part: “and then I fell in love…” :blush:

Awesome story, never stop rambling.


Definitely don’t second guess yourself. It was great and I only meant to add to the conversation a small observation. The editing is great, those moments where a little music interlude comes in through the background are fantastic. Its your show and its going to be the best when you do it the way you like. :grinning:
I very much enjoyed all of it, especially as someone who has worked in the cg film industry for 20 years!

Thanks for putting it out there!


finally had time to sit down and listen to episode 2. super inspiring @shellfritsch - pump up the jams! and seriously keep this up @Dan_Derks


Finally got around to listening last night. Super interesting and enjoyable. Thanks again @Dan_Derks and @shellfritsch !!

The only downside is you’ve rekindled my latent desire to run away and start a gardening/synth commune ;_;


[quote=“rbxbx, post:48, topic:2813”]
run away and start a gardening/synth commune ;_;


amazing. To have been in Oregon in 1977!

Curious what “idiomatic composition” entailed.


figured RSS out! (finally)

also listed in Apple’s Podcasts as “Sound + Process”

deeply appreciate the support and feedback for these first two episodes. this community is a marvel, lucky to be able to document some of the sparks.


Very excited to share the newest episode of SOUND + PROCESS, featuring @madeofoak!

Nick is such a sincere, funny, passionate dude and I was so thankful to have had some time with him. The resulting conversation touched on a lot of excellent points including his work with Sylvan Esso, his nearly lifetime collaboration with @hecanjog (and Nate Zabriskie!) as Cedar AV, the importance of curating the live music experience, the cove that is lines, and what he’s learned from his years spent playing with the incredible Chris Roseneau.

As always, feedback is always appreciated. S+P is only possible because of the revitalizing energy of this community. Thank you so much for the work you all do.


Eek, so I’m a full episode behind, so I’m listening to episode #2 right now and I just about fell out of my chair when I heard @shellfritsch say “Trout Gulch Road”. We were living on Logan Creek Road (off of King’s Creek Road) at the time…


Listened to it, thanks for making this! Interesting thoughts and observations.


That was fantastic. A lot of interesting ideas in there. I especially like the sync vs unsync duality/polarity.

I hadn’t even put together that you (@madeofoak) were in Sylvan Esso. I was really digging the tiny desk video/set a few months ago. Kickass.

@Dan_Derks @madeofoak lol, I definitely won’t take your money!


Sweet, I’ll have to give this a listen. It looks like Nick collaborates with some friends. Always love those Wisconsin peeps :slight_smile: (Full disclosure, I’m a transplant from WI…but happy to be the weird northerner repping in the south!)


thanks so much for having me, @Dan_Derks! really enjoyed the previous episodes and honored to be a part of it. great questions, great talk.

@sellanraa yes! I’m starting to think the average lines community degree of separation must be < 2.


Number 3 was just as cool as the others!

I liked the bits about the finding your own style and getting used to believing in your own work enough to let it stand on its own. As a professional creative, but a novice/hobbyist musician, it was to easy to make parallels to my own work and struggles.

The talk about granular synthesis got me thinking more about that technique again. I own a microGranny, but I never gelled with it. It might have been the SD card loading or the interface, i’m not sure. I love bastl instruments, but for me the interface has always been a bit hit or miss.

Definitely sparked some ideas and got me thinking.
Thanks for making these!


This continues to be such an incredible podcast. It’s really wonderful to hear so many perspectives and get so many ideas for approaches and philosophies. And the Made of Oak stuff is also really nice :slight_smile:


<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

lots of nice thoughts in here – i like your way of talking about the “through-line” in your music being yourself, too. i’ve never really liked this idea of ‘developing a voice’ – like this is something that can be strategically chosen, like picking an instrument.

looking forward to the next episode!