Sound + Process: a lines podcast (in-betweens: CKUT / Free City Radio lines mix)



@Dan_Derks this is superb!
Downloading as I type.
So looking forward to finding out more about Marcus’ practice.
Also, nice idea launching a Patreon!
Pledged, obviously.


there’s always a moment of shared identity that makes me smile

this time
falling asleep in the studio while listening

reeally geeked the trio w/ dickow too!


Just listened to #5. Very good. I love hearing about the thought process.


the acknowledgement of kelli & tehn’s incredible generosity was a great moment
i’ll never forget when they gave me some free ceramics w/ an order for my brothers anniversary
(just one of many examples)


A great listen once again.
Thans for all the effort you obviously put into these @Dan_Derks :slight_smile:


loving the podcast! i had been listening to twine just yesterday, so it’s great to get to listen to this while the music is still fresh in my mind.


thanks all for checking it out and posting back!

the story about the 35’ tape loops makes me genuinely laugh every single time i listen to it. i think i’m close to 20 without fail.

@glia, brian included some incredible prints of @kelli_cain’s when i ordered my walk. there’s a post in the pictures thread about it, but they are as important to me as the grid in my studio. they are truly the kindest folks. it’s not by chance that what they started has grown into what this community is now.

also, i’ve gotta start putting my own music through the sleep test. it seems to be working for y’all.

appreciate the feedback!


eee - fantastic, can’t wait to listen on my next walk! Love the idea of getting my podcasts on cassette too, especially given the context of tape decks as performance instruments… Hmmm.


thanks! that falling asleep thing happens to me constantly. i usually don’t start working on music until everyone in my house is asleep and i tend to stay up later than i should so at a certain point sleep always overtakes me.


so glad that people as still digging twine. we thought people would either get it or hate it and luckily a lot of people seem to get it :slight_smile:

taylor and i are starting a new collaboration very soon. something that won’t be released on 12k.
stay tuned


verrry much looking forward to listening to this tonight! Thanks @Dan_Derks


I listened to it while waking up, I guess I’m backwards :slight_smile:


Thanks for doing this series, I enjoyed this episode :slight_smile:


thanks for the podcast @Dan_Derks and @marcus_fischer! just finished listening here on a snowy night in nyc, inspiring stuff for the year ahead.


That’s my process as well. I usually get started when the workday is done, dinner ate, dog walked, bath had and go well into the wee hours on the weekend.
Heck, I dozed off in the home studio last night!


bravo! :slight_smile:


Great interview. Cheers @Dan_Derks @marcus_fischer


Only just discovered these, really great thanks for making them. It so interesting to hear others talk about their process. It made me realize that i lurk around these forums so much and i never really have the opportunity to have proper conversations with anyone about this stuff.


Listened to Twine after hearing the latest episode with @marcus_fischer.



I finally got a chance to immerse myself in ep. 5, taking a long walk with a coffee in the unseasonably warm weather. I had a conversation between Dan and Marcus (and interludes of music) over my headphones. The allowance for vulnerability and an open/honest conversation about music and process makes this podcast really special. Thank you @Dan_Derks , Thank you @marcus_fischer .

The concept of giving credit to ‘the space’ in the liner notes. +1