Sound + Process: a lines podcast (in-betweens: CKUT / Free City Radio lines mix)



@marcus_fischer So Twine is recorded completely from the internal Nagra speaker? The sound quality is really quite good.


Yeah. We just close mic’d it and let it run.
That’s why sometimes you can pick up some motor noise or a little of me and taylor moving about the room. :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for listening.
Yes! Credit goes to the space!


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very excited for the next episode… :grin:


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Thanks @Dan_Derks
Got my email this morning. It was an interesting read.
I’m also looking forward to the next episode!


episode 6:

Combing through @laborcamp’s work was a whirlwind of multimedia stimuli and profound joy. Piotr is a decorated artist, who – from his early interactive Internet works (from 1997, predating/predicting Web 2.0) The Spleen and Ding an Sich (The Canon Series) to his immersive surveys of recent history [Theater of Operations (1)] (, (2) and White Star Cluster – is always able to marry his talents for both visual and aural expression to staggering effect.

Our conversation, presented here as an edited hour from the two-and-half Piotr graciously volunteered, covers the details of his unique trajectory and dives into the finer details of some of his most standout work. I learned so much speaking with him, through the ways in which he always follows his curiosity and the sincere care he has for his audiences. The stories he shares are marvelous and I am so grateful to be able to bring y’all into the dialogue.


so many thanks to the Patreon crew (who number too many mentions for discourse!) + to @nuun, @ioflow & @tehn for their individual contributions. :heart_eyes:




Dan, I just wanted to once again thank you for reaching out, and for a great conversation. As I mentioned when we talked: I am profoundly humbled by the time and energy you have extended to make this happen. And, of course, thank you for the amazing job you do with the Sound + Process series! Can’t wait to hear the next installment!
Very sincerely,


amazing amazing amazing stuff @laborcamp @Dan_Derks

might seem mundane to others but I loved your description of perspective on tech intimacy (since we’re all in close proximity to screen as we connect online)

genuinely never thought from that angle
it makes perfect sense

also the spontaneity of the spleen convo was palpable

in that moment dan became a bit like nardwuar at his best (by surprising piotr with such deep research and genuine interest in the artists’ personal history)



He edited out the part (following that exchange) where I go on, at length, about how completely humbled I was by the interest, research and detailed/informed questions Dan was asking.

The point I was making (while thanking him for that) was that for an artist, to realize at any point that a genuine connection had indeed been made, is one of the most important experiences one could hope for. I am one of those people who dwell deeply on my own experiences of art made by other artists. I think critically about what I am seeing/hearing/experiencing, and stay with ideas, sometimes for a long time. Part of it is, that I believe that art actually only happens in/through the audience, so in my own life, I try to be the best audience possible: paying attention, and engaging both: emotionally and intellectually with the work of others.


so cool :slight_smile:
fantastic work @Dan_Derks, @laborcamp
’time, history, and sound


As I listen I can’t help but contemplate how Piotr and many of the rest of us have found our way towards efforts to express, in various ways, some form of synaesthesia…


this was a great listen, thank you! @Dan_Derks @laborcamp


one of my favorite moments, for sure. from Piotr’s surprise to the story of how folks took ownership of his work and gave it deeper substance and meaning, that chunk will go down as one of the most joyful. such a good story.

I pulled this only for time, not content. It’s a pretty beautiful declaration of intent, both as artist and audience. Thank you for posting this.

YES. I used to believe synesthesia was exclusively seeing something while hearing something, but through speaking with Piotr it became clear that (for me), it’s the heightened emotional response to what I hear. and that my own pursuit of sound-making is an attempt to encapsulate these feelings, that sharing any of it is to try and get others to feel it with me.

P – thank you again.


This was such an important story to tell. Not just about spleen, but also the story about the banners during the shooting protest, and about the nature of monome grid and arc. That portal that brings your audience into the work and then gives them ownership. What a beautiful vision. Really catalyzed for me something that I feel is an extremely noble goal for any creative effort.




Oh, wonderful!
Congrats to Dan: so well deserved!


episode 7:

As you undoubtedly know, LCRP ‘new noise’, is one of the most packed community remix project albums in a long time — its contributors range from decade-old members to lurkers who joined just to participate. This episode features reflections from many of the creators, discussing their unique approaches to working with the same samples.

Featuring (too many tags!):

Simeon Smith (
Thorsten Vieth
Duncan (GoneCaving)
Evan Hartzell / abalone (
Michael Hetrick (
Anton Hörnquist / jah
Alessandro Bonino

This was absolutely my favorite episode to edit. Such incredible reflections, thank you all!

The cast for this episode was chosen out of those who submitted both samples and had tracks on the final release. There are so many involved in getting these projects out into the world, I just didn’t have the bandwidth to go as broadly as I wanted to. I hope you understand.

As always, deep gratitude for the generosity and patience of the Patreon crew. Tape jackets are being finalized this week, you will see those rewards very soon!



Soooo looking forward to listening to this new episode!!!


(plz excuse the tag parade: @Simeon, @myecholalia, @ermina, @GoneCaving, @abalone, @trickyflemming…)