Sound + Process: a lines podcast (in-betweens: CKUT / Free City Radio lines mix)



(pt. 2: @jah, @pauk, @glia, @steveoath, @AlessandroBonino, @Zedkah)


thank you @Dan_Derks
you make it sound so great :slightly_smiling_face:


@abalone, your sample kit description might be my favorite segment!


Love this episode. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Just caught this, lovely work


Great work @Dan_Derks

Really interesting hearing from everyone.


Feeling so embarrassed with my accent :sweat_smile:
Been a pleasure anyways to be part of the episode
To be part of the community


Dunce question here. Can the podcast be downloaded from soundcloud to listen offline?


I’ll absolutely send you a copy! that’s a feature typically reserved for the Patreon supporters, though this episode is deeply rooted in the community so please, any other lines members who want a DL link, just PM!


Whoa! Thanks @Dan_Derks, what an awesome listen!
(And @trickyflemming mentioning my name had me all giggling :grinning: )


what an absolutely spectacular episode. i really enjoyed hearing so many individual approaches and deeply appreciate how this remix project has embodied the spirit of the community over the years. thank you all for your openness and enthusiasm and energy-- for making this gathering place what it became and what is continues to be.

and much respect to all of the great music on the comp!


wheeeeeeeee o-cards going to print! :sweat_smile:


wheeeee they’re printed! FINALLY.


suuuuuuuch a nice looking package! Can’t wait


That looks great Dan :slight_smile:
This episode was an excellent one. Really good hearing different perspectives on the same project. Maybe an episode of the podcast for each lcrp going forward would be worth thinking about?


Oh, hey look:


That’s nice. Hope we get more people to listen to the compilation and maybe even buying the CD.


Delurking just to say how much I enjoyed these! Finally managed to find time to listen to them all on few a recent car trips. Inspiring and really well made. Looking forward to more!


had a quick and streamlined change of heart on o-card design. handmade option, block printed on 280gsm. something about this feels more in line with the community and vibe of the project. happy to hear out any feedback!


I think these ones fit well with the forum identity - both stylistically and in terms of the whole handmade/diy aspect. I liked the original ones but certainly prefer these.