Sound + Process: a lines podcast (in-betweens: CKUT / Free City Radio lines mix)



Excellent, thank you for the vote! Those are yours, so I’m glad you’re on board :sweat_smile:


I like these tons

what kind of ink is it?
how were you inspired to try block prints? any more bts pics?


Just the Speedball water-based inks. They have some pretty wild out-the-bottle colors, which felt fun for differentiating episodes.

I walked into Blick intent on doing screen printing, which they kept in the same aisle as the lino pads and tools. When I considered the type of hands-on that carving lino calls for, it just seemed like more of a fit than preparing a screen. The material is cheaper, too – keeps the pressure low. Fuck up a lino cut, $6. Fuck up a screen, $25.

I’m so glad you dig them!


might try that myself



The first time I heard @stripes’s music was here: Noob questions.

Beyond the quality of Emily’s work, which has only swelled over the last year, what’s fascinating about her work is how public her process has been. That 3 Sisters video was made in, like, her second week of exploring modular. While most whittle away for months, releasing new music only after long incubation, Emily seems to revel in sharing each step of her growth in realtime — a direct response to the trajectory of her own self-education.

If you’re new to modular, this is the episode for you. If you’re deeply settled, this is the episode for you. Emily has retained a beginner’s mind while leveraging her rich decade-long background as a musician, producer and engineer to create music that is playful and emotional, while remaining technically impressive.

As you’ll notice, there are more music breaks in this episode than previous ones — due to my own fandom and Emily’s generosity, you’re the first to hear the demos that will make up her much-anticipated modular album.

Beyond her talents, Emily is an insightful and passionate addition to the lines community and personally, I hope that her reflections help anyone who feels that their voice is un or under-represented in this field to join this community. Further, I hope this episode propels the community to take better advantage of the invite feature to welcome in new and diverse voices.

This is a very special episode to me. I am thankful to Emily for taking the time and I’m excited to see what dialogue it sparks!


Oh, this is a beautiful surprise. Very excited to give this episode a listen. Thanks, @Dan_Derks and @stripes!


Cool, morning listening is sorted. Thanks @Dan_Derks @stripes

Edit to add: That was a great listen. Thanks again.


thanks dan and everyone here on lines :revolving_hearts:


The gift that keeps on giving!
Thank you for another awesome journey @Dan_Derks!


Just finished the episode. Thank you for sharing - really enjoyed it! Also, thanks to @Dan_Derks for putting it together.


@stripes I hope you don’t mind me asking, what mode on o_C were you referring to in this interview?


Great listen.
Thanks to you both for what and how you do.


I’m a new user here, and hadn’t heard of Emily before. Just checked out some of her Florist stuff too. Was it mentioned that she has an album of just her modular stuff coming out?

Enjoying the podcast! I think this is my third one and it’s your podcast brought me here. Thanks! :slight_smile:


hopefully soon, yes!

quantermain mode w/ turing machine :slight_smile:


Again a great episode, @Dan_Derks! Thanks @stripes for the great insights!


I really loved listening to this & thanks to both of you for sharing it.

Shamefully, I’ve not really posted on here since I joined but it was a great & timely reminder for me of what I like about lines - a joy in sharing information about processes & working methods that made me want to go to my own modular setup & start patching! I also love how people devote much more time & energy on here discussing the making of art than the conspicuous consumerism & gear lust that seems to dominate a lot of music tech forums.

I’m really looking forward to your modular record. You have been a similar inspiration into my modular journey as the people that you mentioned on this podcast. Keep up the great work & good luck with your tour.


lovely ep @Dan_Derks & @stripes !
thanks so much for sharing this with us :slight_smile:


I am so excited to listen to this

the first video/audio I ever saw/heard of florist was the NPR tiny desk appearance
I loved it immediately. Heavy resonance.

I’ve been listening to florist for the past couple months and all the sudden one day I was on youtube (probably something from here now that I’m thinking about it) and found myself on Emily’s youtube page

then there was a realization that the person in these videos in concert with a modular setup was the same person in this band I just happened to start listening to because of a youtube recommendations (I was listening to a lot of american football and chinese football at the time too)

and now I come here onto the lines forum and the coolest podcast around has an interview with her too
thank you both so much
this is twice in the span of a months time that I’ve been surprised by your presence

and now that I’ve typed that out I’m realizing I might sound like a bit of a nutter
oh well


Not weird at all imo

I just discovered her music (and tiny desk concert) last week and now here’s a podcast at just the right time to learn more from Emily

2/3 thru this interview and have been pleasantly surprised all over again


just listened on the way in to work, great episode. thank you both @Dan_Derks & @stripes