Sound + Process: a lines podcast (in-betweens: CKUT / Free City Radio lines mix)



Great episode @Dan_Derks and @stripes!

I actually got into Florist through Emily’s YouTube videos, which I first found doing eurorack research. I’ve always been obsessed with ambience making, and it’s been great to find some like minded people.

I’ve been using a guitar and pedals primarily for music making, and I found her story very re-assuring, like maybe I can just get the things that make the sounds I want—crazy idea!


Great episode! I was so tiered on the way home from work and it inspired me to fire up my system anyway and make some music tonight. Thanks for that!


Thanks again for a wonderful episode. @stripes you’re an inspiring artist!


Love this episode! Looking forward to the album @stripes


thanks so much for this @Dan_Derks. great episode, excited to hear the record! @stripes


thanks everyone so much for the overwhelming support :slightly_smiling_face: it really is so encouraging and rewarding to know that i can be an inspiration within a peer group that i am so inspired by. i can’t wait to share this new album with yall when i get back from tour and can fully focus on that!


so excited to hear it my wife and I will be listening to this episode while hurricane irma flys around us


great discussion, fantastic work :slightly_smiling_face:
@Dan_Derks you ask great questions, and make it great
@stripes totally dig your ideas on production and performance, thanks for sharing
cool sounds!


Very much looking forward to that album. Thanks for sharing your journey with us and thanks to @Dan_Derks too.


I’m so glad folks are digging this episode as much as I do. I don’t think that it’s any coincidence that in just 5 days, this one passed the 1k mark. There is something calming about the way Emily works, far beyond just the quality of the music she creates. Occasionally, I get caught in these periods of panic re: creation and art making – it’s related to what @tehn once described: “the opportunity to know more just leads to more of the unknown. it can become an overwhelming and noisy feedback loop.” Working on this episode, hearing the way that @stripes walks that tightrope, was incredibly healing.

The way she approaches these tools is honest and respectful…she doesn’t use them as a means to an end (visibility, ownership, recognition, etc). Throughout this episode, it’s clear that she releases music as a knee-jerk reaction to her own awe of what the modules reveal to her – if something grabs her the right way, it will likely grab others as well and therefore it deserves to be shared so that it may continue its life and impact others as it has impacted her.

Just wanted to share some post-release thoughts to invite any specific reflections y’all might have. :sparkling_heart:


Super excited to finally share episode 9 with Karl Fousek (@analogue01)!

For those who don’t know, Karl is an accomplished improviser who’s spent the last five years crafting an incredible archive of live modular performances and studio albums. As a deeply devoted fan of experimental and electronic music and by dedicating himself to the mastery of his tools as a single instrument, Karl has developed a compositional agility which helps him explore new directions of form. His latest release, ‘Two Pieces For a Contemporary Connection’, is an inspiring hybrid of live improvisations and rehearsal recordings.

Beyond his work as a solo synthesist, Fousek also plays with Devon Hansen and Roger Tellier-Craig — a partnership which bore the very well-received ‘No Sound Without A Misunderstanding’ and most recently, ‘No Image In Particular’.

Through our conversation, Karl covers everything from his approaches to longform performances, building patches that are mutable yet structured, learning a modular system as an instrument, collaborating with others, and how he navigates uncanny sounds.

I’m really looking forward to what his reflections spark for y’all :relaxed:


Wonderful episode. I really enjoyed hearing about Karl’s approach and reflections on using Eurorack as an instrument. Loved the music featured and I’ll be working through his back catalogue for sure. Thanks @Dan_Derks and @analogue01 for the inspirational listen.


Enjoyed this one, and really dig this cat’s sound work. So glad I discovered this podcast and site. I know very little about modular stuff, but these excellent podcasts and interesting composers have me intrigued enough to learn more.



Another great insight thank you. I’ve enjoyed these a lot


@Dan_Derks have been absolutely loving going back and listening to these podcasts over the last few days. thank you for making something so thoughtful and informative, we need more conversations like this!


Just wanted to pop in and say a huge thanks to everyone who’s listened to the episode so far and an even huger thanks to Dan for all the incredible work on the podcast in general. Cheers all :beers:


now’s as good a time as any to chime in and thank you too (plus @Dan_Derks obv)…great to get in your head and I was surprised by quite a bit more of your thinking and motives than I expected:

  • felt kinship with your aversion to keyboard and guitar based improve thru fx…I love the resulting music but it isn’t MY way of working

  • i’d heard you discuss approaching the synth as an instrument but had no prior insight into how deeply your public practice affected your musical choices . the tremendous respect i have for your work only increased realizing what went into the pieces’ conception

this has me looking at my own synth with new eyes . the description of constantly “tuning”, honing in on moments, nudging em off balance into new sonic territory…I loved that


this this this. immediately framed what I want to work toward with performances – striving for unity and creating points of divergence once unity has been found, again and again. it’s a simple goal that can be applied to any material. such a good core approach.


Yes, exactly. No offence intended to any other instruments/methods/practices that I may have accidentally dissed.


I think this process is how most attentive group improvising tends to unfold. Modulars and other electronic systems are so interesting to me cause it’s almost an intrinsic part of playing them and composing for them.