Sound Sounds - A sound pack by Jogging House

Dear Lines Community,

I’m happy to share a new sample pack with you. Sound Sounds is a collection of samples to enjoy quiet times with. Made with analog and digital sources and effects. Smoothed, smudged, saturated and degraded by various tape machines in various conditions. Downloads are free (name your price) indefinitely.

All files are in stereo and either tuned (closely) to C or have C as root note. Chords are major or minor as titled. No reverb or delay applied. So you should be able to integrate them rather easily in your jams.

This sound pack is meant to be chopped apart, granulized, layered, filtered, drowned in reverb and all the other good things. Just dive in, explore the pieces and make them your own.

I hope you enjoy the sounds. And let me know if you have any questions about the pack.


Great sounds! I really appreciate the modulation and how they sound both rich and dry at the same time. And the variation in timbres while still being a cohesive collection. Nice work.

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Thank you! It‘s my main goal with samples to make them usable in many different scenarios. So no time based effects.

might just heck around and make an awesome tape-music song out of these! Thank you for these sounds <3

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Wonderful! Hope you enjoy the sounds.

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