Soundcloud groups are ending


hello folks old and new. soundcloud is removing the groups feature next month, as covered by @disquiet in a blog post. what does this mean for our community(ies)?

we currently have four SC groups, of which i moderate three:

the first two groups date back to the previous monome forum, while i created the second two much more recently, though they are barely used. since soundcloud is doing away with groups entirely, at least for the foreseeable future, the only way to keep things discoverable on soundcloud is to create a new user profile and rely on direct-messaging tracks, with just a single curator to create playlists and reposts and such, as suggested by marc in his blogpost. this might be a substantial barrier to the community, in relying on just one person to respond and assemble everything.

do we want to continue on soundcloud, or move to some other service? we have the loose assortment of posts in the latest tracks/videos thread right here on lines, but perhaps we can find a more focused solution. note that in the last few years, activity on all the existing SC groups has dramatically decreased. also, given that the lines forum itself is no longer focused on monome devices, as the old forum was, perhaps there’s no need for a device-focused soundcloud group, and the existing thread here is sufficient.

is a soundcloud group/curation-like approach still useful for us? thanks for your thoughts.



My opinion, having organised both an MCRP and a LCRP, is that the more places you share music, the more music is discovered and enjoyed.

Having a soundcloud profile to repost stuff to could be good, if someone were willing to take the time to curate it.

Having a semi-regular podcast / mixtape could be good.

Having more labels (tips hat to The Leap and Renegade Lights) to share the music that individuals create in this community could be good.

I don’t really know what other services people use besides stores (streaming or download) like Spotify and Apple Music, Indie sites like Bandcamp, and Spotify. I know Chris Randall was trying to get off the ground, but I’ve only seen his stuff shared on it so…

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i’ll be happy to discover a new service as i’m not very happy with how soundcloud is evolving.
i’ll be happy to continue to discover new sounds from this community.

i think the latest tracks thread here is nice to hear essays and snippets. but a curated thing could be nice, it could bring some kind of unity, like a podcast or something that could define with the time the sound of this community.

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I’m pondering various options for the Disquiet Junto, among them

  1. Just using participant messages (or @disquiet comment mentions) as alerts to add tracks to playlists on the @disquiet account.

  2. Creating a dedicated @DisquietJunto SoundCloud account that uses participant messages (or @disquiet comment mentions) as alerts to both create playlists and to repost. The reposts would, thus, turn the @DisquietJunto feed into essentially an exact replica of the current Junto group. Well, moving forward it would. It wouldn’t have the previous 4.5 years of activity.




Tomorrow’s Disquiet Junto project will, indeed, involve deceased software.



Why not just run the juntos via simple hashtag? To hear the weeks entries, just search for the hashtag. No mess, no fuss.



Also using hashtags provides continuity to what has gone before.



Then something like this to create a playlist:



You are at this moment my favorite human being.



hashtags work better for the juntos (and indeed we already use them), as those community efforts are much more focused. the concept of the “lines” community is more nebulous, harder to identify with a single hashtag–what would it be? what would it look like? what makes a lines track? i grappled with that a bit when setting up the lines group on soundcloud, as it’s not as easy to declare as a monome-device-focused group.

personally, i wouldn’t want to go down the spotify route. there’s no community there, it’s Yet Another Account to register, and it costs money.

i think @Simeon and @beo have some interesting ideas regarding podcasts, curation, and mixtapes, on top of the occasional LCRPs. though with SC’s groups ending, a key way to share and aggregate those aggregations has been removed, so there’s still a gap.

in the short term, i believe that i have time to setup and run a dedicated lines profile on SC, though i’m still unhappy at the thought of everything passing through just one person of the community. the single curator approach would work well for a podcast or mixtape series, though.

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I’ve found hashtags to be iffy on the way that SoundCloud serves up the search results, but I’m gonna give this a try for sure.



It looks like there’s a 15-track limit for the search trigger, if I read the IFTTT recipe right, which I likely didn’t.



Hmm. No idea. Wonder is there anything in the API that could be used?

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maybe this doesn’t help for the past, but what about using the Dropbox > Soundcloud recipe for future things?

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This week’s project invokes the transition:



First five requiems are up, more to follow: