Soundcloud may be ending


I beg your forbearance in advance.

BC is very social, IMO, but in a way that supports their business model: you share what you buy, what you wish for, and what you follow. Their resistance is entirely predictable as they have resisted doing anything that is not consistent with their business model.

As a person responsible for managing a web-based community, I am here to say that so-called “social” product capabilities are very, very difficult to build, maintain and differentiate. While BC has a smaller portfolio of features, what they have is very smart and tightly integrated with their core value proposition.

WRT to discovering artists, I had a long conversation with a colleague about this. It turns out we are more likely to discover artists when we linger on platforms with either lots of people (e.g., Twitter, FB) or a very focused community (e.g., Lines) or when we talk to each other. We concluded that discovery is a discontinuous function from buying.

BC does not have the critical mass of people to be a uniquely good discovery platform. But they have a critical mass of features to be an excellent buying platform.

My conclusion is people are shopping on SC and buying elsewhere, but they are discovering everywhere and buying on BC. Which platform is profitable points to which business model works.

Thanks for your patience.



I discover music on lines and in the disquiet slack.

I used to be obsessed with Spotify’s discovery features, but lines and disquiet have completely displaced that habit. I have once or twice discovered music on soundcloud, but 99% of the time it’s lines or disquiet that push me to that site.



One big SC/BC difference to me is it feels like BC should only be for finished products while I feel like SC can also be a place for more varied material… random sketches, live recordings as well as finished pieces. something more like an ongoing audio journal.

I have an octave account which has a nice clean interface but is missing that social aspect that SC has.



Thank you for reminding me about the disquiet slack channel. I forget that I sometimes have a reason to use slack.

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I completely agree with this assessment of the difference. As a complete amateur who has little aspiration to try to make money from music, but just wants to share some of my output with friends, setting up a BC artist account seems odd. Octave looks like a very professional option, and knowing who’s behind it, I’m sure that’s backed up in experience, but the price point feels like a little much for where I’m at. Which brings back the question, what are the options for non commercial hosting?



seconding this! has brought me so much new listening.



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And if you don’t like the way looks, just post your music there, build a website (however you want to) and then embed a cashmusic.js player that loads MP3s from Voila, you have total creative control.



To be perfectly clear, the key word here was “established”, meaning, with a big audience and/or a dynamic for itself, nothing comes close to soundcloud’s 175 million users in its category, but there are loads of niche alternatives and I do hope the better ones will take off, thus making soundcloud’s demise a non-story.

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Needless to say, it’s also a very simple and clever way to get rid of spam and bots which litteraly poison every “social media” website. Here it’s kind of out of the question, people can socialize with the artists they actually care enough to have spent a little money upon (and sometime’s that’s not much, but even 1 dollar is enough to eradicate the concept of bots, and there are LOADS of free / pay what you want releases out there).

While BC was not a social space a few years back, it’s increasingly becoming one, and over the course of the last year alone, I’ve discovered a lot of things in the “bought” list of the people who bought the same stuff I did, or purchased my music. To some extent, it proved to be an even more effective way for me to discover stuff I liked than my already very elaborate soundcloud feed, which still contains a lot of random noise.



What are the options for an amateur… still Bandcamp, I would say.



I find SoundCloud to be immensely more useful for discovery than BandCamp. I browse SoundCloud daily but only use BandCamp to when I want to purchase something specific. Although I don’t use social networks generally, I also personally like the social aspects of SoundCloud, because ‘following’ people who have similar tastes can introduce you to a lot of new music.

I checked out the Octave website, and it doesn’t seem like it’s attempting to be a SoundCloud replacement? For example the main page is just a description of how to sign-up to post your music on Octave, but there is no information about how to use Octave as a listener. It also notes you can’t post mixes, while radio shows are one of the better parts of SoundCloud.



It is, but only partially. Its intent is to take the place of the professional/business-focused features Soundcloud originally emphasized as part of its premium accounts, stuff like sharing hidden items, passing things to collaborators, stats, embedded media for promotional materials, etc. Which Octave is great at, better than Soundcloud ever was.

But it doesn’t replace the listener-side stuff at all, no following artists, no feed, no likes or reposts, no interactive groups (which Soundcloud generally killed too). That strikes me as representative of a big problem with Soundcloud now. A lot of the listener-side conversation has dried up. The number of listens an artist gets relative to followers is often pretty meager (excluding famous people and the higher profile stuff that gets embedded by magazines), where followers used to be pretty engaged.

Well, that and all the spam and bots and parasites.



I’ll third this.

Maybe we should throw @tehn some Benjamins and he can scale to take over the world.{artist}/{release} … drop the audio files on AWS or something economical and robust. Discourse takes care of the social side of things. Done.




Could this be how we proceed with the LCRPs in future?



Bandcamp seems to be working fine, don’t you think?



Yeah, no probs with it.



I made a site which archives your Soundlcoud tracks and generates a page on the p2p distributed web for you to share them! It uses something called the Dat protocol. Hopefully some of you will find it useful.



Anyone tried ORFIUM? Just heard about it…



That looks pretty intriguing.