Soundcloud may be ending


I thought this was how everyone used bandcamp!


A good discussion but I tend to think Soundcloud will survive, its name is so well known and there are a lot of major labels involved with it that someone will want to take it on, reshape it and run with it, I can see it changing hands, restructured sill further and evolving (possibly for the worst).

Remember myspace, it still exists and its been years since it had any significant cultural value. Soundcloud will probably survive but just keep becoming less relevant and we’ll all migrate somewhere else.
Its a shame this site couldn’t get its own streaming sub-site, there are such talented and odd music being made by you all it would be great to have that in one handy place.

I haven’t checked in with for a while (anyone know the latest) and I don’t see much of a mention about these guys anymore but its seems like its grass roots and as far away as you can be to the VCs


I made an account on since day one - and paid my share to become a co-owner to help them with the project. I didn’t use the platform, but I’m following them on twitter. The platform is in place, the player as well.

I think that their stream to own concept is really good and promising.


I’m uploading a track to right now to test it out. I will say, it’s very refreshing to visit a site for music distribution that is showing a nice green zero for tracking in the Privacy Badger extension.


I’m creating an account right now and time well tell if this goes somewhere but that’s indeed a nice and welcome variation on the topic. Thanks for sharing, I can’t believe I didn’t find out about this sooner (because I follow all this pretty closely and it’s NEVER mentionned as an alternative), they could talk about it more, would it be just for the different business model.


there is a thread here on this specific matter : A new concept to stream music
Not to say that i’ve seen mentioned outside lines.


Cool I’ll go check it (Shame on me I thought I was more serious on checking every possible line topic! ^^) And yeah I wasn’t thinking about lines when I said it wasn’t mentionned, number of very small things are mentionned on a daily basis which is part of why this community is so fantastic. I was thinking more about bigger medias who seem to looove making articles every month about wether or not streaming is a good business model, stating it’s not really, then stating it still makes buckloads of money and is probably the future.of music even so, and… well that’s it really. I think this deserve a chapter in the discussion, because there aren’t that many fully operational alternatives right now and this seems to be one.


I wouldn’t worry, I miss stuff all the time on lines, but it was here I heard about resonate sometime last year and signed up then. Its got potential I think but not sure it will become as big as SC.

Maybe the days of a ‘new big thing’ in music steaming is passing anyway…? Spotify (which I hate and don’t take part in) is so big that anything that comes close to how people felt about myspace and Soundcloud in terms of connecting with other or slick usability will remain probably only niche, the vast majority of “music consumers” will stick to Spotify?

On a general point though and one of the reasons I’d hate to loose SC is that its felt like a little achievement for me in growing a small following, its took me three years and I got over a thousand followers and 50,000 plays, which is small beer, I know but for over 2 years now its been nice to know that every day somewhere in the world people have played my music. I’ve yet to find another music community like it. I got asked to make music with some interesting people and it led to getting some paid work.


This is what this whole topic is about :

This following you worked for should be yours, and not the property of a private company, or at least not the property of a VC funded company where dominating the market and making big money is definitely more fundamental than defending your rights as a creator. We all get fooled by a cool interface and growing community when we first arrive, and it’s natural that we do, we look for an audience. We want to communicate, have our work being debated and debate in return and talk to people about their work etc. so we jump on possibilities when we see them.

But ultimately, having the entire pipeline owned by big companies showed us how wrong it was that things work like that, and even if it costs us, I feel we have to give credit when we see platforms starting on a POLITICAL basis, before even thinking of building a good service, because that’s how we can ensure that the future is different, and also, more simply, because those structures have a very political impact on the world so it’s just a normal thing to base their business model on that fact, instead of using the “oh it’s destroying an entire ecosystem? Damn how could we reverse that now that we’re stuck here” formula that so many streaming services (who are by the way nothing more than legal and more financially voracious versions of the pirate sites of the early 2000’s) seem to have chosen.

PS : When I went back on the old topic I realised I DID read it already so I’m definitely good on my topic tracking adventure. Although what surprised me is the difference between then and now. There was a lot of stuff in their communication about blockchain, which seems to have been completely thrown out the window (communication wise, I don’t know where they are technically), and I personnaly think that’s great as this blockchain eldorado was kind of annoying me for multiple reasons stated in the original topic that I won’t bring back here. Also the website seems a lot more advanced than when I went there first. Anyhow we’ll see how it goes and if they can move past all the hurdles that are in front of them.


Here’s what a embed looks like (click through to see it):

let’s see if discourse deals with embeds yet:

Doesn’t look like it.


So no way to “scroll” through the track or get to any point in it? Damn this is pretty young still :slight_smile:


Oh damn, I hadn’t noticed that. And that’s a pretty nice feature when you’re listening to the overly long LGO jams :stuck_out_tongue:


Damn sorry I realise this gave away that I wanted to scroll through the song ahah, but I have a very good explanation, there was no volume whatsoever with my speaker on max so I wanted to know if it was the computer or the song was very low at the begining ^^


Yeah, it starts silent and fades in.


The embed doesn’t work at all on my phone

Edit: never mind, it worked the third time I visited the page, which was after visiting the direct like. Weird


maybe you can help me understand how resonate works for the listener: why would a listener pay for a track without having listened to the track. Or am I missing something.


The concept is, you pay a fee of 5€ per month, then you don’t pay anything, but when you listen to a song more than 9 times, the site considered you earned it (because retribution wise, the artist earned 1$ from those 9 listens and it’s what you usually gain when someone downloads your track), so you can then download the track, which you would be happy to if you care about owning your tunes and you actually listened to it 9 times… That’s the idea. And then it’s yours.


Ah,there is a subscription-like fee …but sounds a fair deal for musician. thank you


As a musician, you can decide if a track is available for free, for pay, or both. I chose “both” for this track.


Resonate’s stream to own model is really brilliant! I really hope this goes ahead!
This said, I have a big concern with streaming, and that’s the breaking up of listening habits on various levels. And while change does not necessarily mean it’s bad, I feel like this just enforces the overall trend of paying less and less attention to music. Music listening habits have really turned anything into “furniture music”, but probably not in the way Satie would have wanted it. Actually I would call it “wallpaper music”, because it’s just a background thing, something you add to fill up a void somewhere, something you don’t pay attention to.
So why do I think streaming does enforce that? Mostly because it breaks up the “album unity”, individual tracks loose sonic context. Streaming works more like a radio but without the human curatorial aspect (so far algorithms haven’t been able to replace the human afaik, and I’m actually happy about that), which makes radio great (when it’s great radio).