Soundcloud may be ending


Agree. I remember the days of college radio catered to album or theme oriented programing. Our habits of multi tasking may also be a factor in relegating music in the background…we used to make mixed tapes to focus on a certain direction or themes but it was our choice. However, streaming and all the also. involved are assuming to some degree they have replicated our listening habits. Maybe this is the infant stage of this medium and programming might. hopefully, get better and polished. I enjoy and use SC daily. We are still able to create playlist, find works by creative hobbyists and pros. and support.


And this is the quote of the decade. Well done.


I don’t understand all of this, but it’s interesting nonetheless:


I understand enough of it to feel justified in some skepticism, but hey, it would be pretty cool if miracles occurred and it worked.


Something about the economization of everything gives me a bad feeling. I can’t quite express is yet.

Whenever I see talk of tokens and community currencies I just see another closed clique where people with the most tokens get the most benifit, and breaking in is based on you economic ability. It’s all the fallacies of meritocracy transposed onto tech driven social and content platforms. I don’t see how you could avoid a centralization of “wealth” over the (relative) long term.

It also feels like because we’ve been so indoctrinated into late capitalist thinking, the only solution we can see of everything is a market…


I have an Orfium account. It’s been awhile since I registered. A year maybe? My impression at the time was that it needed more users.

#127 seems like an alternative but the back end; uploading/deleting/managing files is a nightmare


It really is. They went through a massive redesign several years back, and now it feels even more opaque.


Yeah, they have an upload system that is very flexible and gives you a lot of options, but is also very confusing at first. But once you have it figured out it’s ok I think.



Uh oh. I really need to look into archiving my SoundCloud uploads.


Funny, the only thing on Soundcloud I wasn’t sure I had a backup of is my remix of you from the long-ago Junto assignment. Just grabbed it to be sure…

if anyone else would like it:


There is an upload function on hearthis that allows you to import your entire Soundcloud account! I am doing that today with all my 132 tracks from SC. Not sure how much hearthis charge for an account that large but its something to consider


Just using this at the moment, works great!

(via CDM)


Just seen this:


Thanks for the link, backing up my files now…


Recently you heard me say SoundCloud isn’t going anywhere. And today I’m here to tell you the exact same thing once again.


This is such a bullshit, hollow statement and there so many things I dislike about it I can’t even start to mention them. Hope I’m wrong, but even so, there’s absolutely nothing comforting about any of this.

PS: I’ll still just mention that the guy PRAISE HIMSELF on having a monopolistic situation and being a smaller scale “too big to fail” company. I mean, that’s fucking terrible, and you’re not lucky, and nobody is, that things are like that!

PPS: The “I’m not leaving [have been forced to leave would be a better choice] I’m just super happy to be chairman now and leave someone else to be CEO” bit made me think of those moments in movies where a politician is forced to step out by some deep conspiracy and just make a fake press release to save his face saying how he’s gonna focus on his family and is happy to go on another adventure etc.


Some more news here:


The good news is that the CEO and COO are the ones who saved Vimeo by having it focus on amateur film makers instead of being a general video streaming site. Hopefully that means they could apply a similar strategy to Soundcloud by focusing on making it a good place for creators.